WordPress: Advantages and a New Way to Get Across Your Ideas and Opinions

By on Mar 3, 2011 in WordPress |

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WordPressWordPress is an online blogging tool which allows you the ability to host your own domain name, publish articles to the online world with ease, have others comment your thoughts, and allows many people to communicate whatever they want, from something such as a personal journal to a business news blog.

There are many blogging sites around, so why should you choose WordPress over the competition?

The answer is simple, for it’s many features and options.

WordPress is like being given a million dollars and being told to choose between a Ferrari or a Porsche, and then being asked what extras you’d like on top.

For starters, it’s free. No cost, and you get to publish whatever you want to online. You have control of the content, the comments, the look and theme, and it’s all free of charge.

Publishing has always been a hassle, especially before computers. Finding work as a freelance writer, being able to have a platform to show your work was almost impossible. And the cost of printing out your own leaflets or newsletters was too much for most writers. With the advent of computers, followed by the internet, publishing your work has never been easier. Something like WordPress, however, does make it even easier.

Control of the content on your site is always an issue. No one wants a whole bunch of random spam comments from someone advertising a dodgy product, or a ‘troll’, only looking to cause trouble by ‘flaming’ other users. With WordPress, you can control what comments are published, and which ones aren’t before they are allowed to be publicly viewed.

And, of course, you have compete control over what you place on your site. It is all completely under your control.

The look and theme of your site is very important. It can attract readers, or it can make them run for the hills, or it could bore them to watching the nightly news on television!!! A quick google search of ‘WordPress Themes” gathers up so many sites to download your own theme from, you’ll be suffocating for choice.

If this isn’t enough, there’s always the ability to do it yourself with your own theme, and again, with a google search you can find many sites with information to help you easily customise and develop your own theme and style to go with your content.

Lastly, it has a free technical support area, a rather helpful and active forum, and it is constantly growing as an online community, with a focus on growth and helping others to utilise WordPress to it’s full advantages.

So, to sum up, with WordPress, you get a the perfect price, free, you get control of what is published, you get control of what comments you allow to be made public, you get to choose or design the look of your site for free, and it’s got a free technical support area and an active forum for all your questions and queries.

WordPress sounds rather attractive, doesn’t it?