Which Is Better, the Blackberry 9700 Bold or iPhone 4?

By on Mar 3, 2011 in Blackberry | 2 comments

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blackberryAlright, so here we have two of the premier phones from Apple and Research in Motion, and we are going to have a face off. But, before we do that a little something about both the phones; first, we have the new blackberry bold 9700 from RIM which is the newer model to the highly successful bold 9000. This phone has got extremely good reviews from the users, and this has been one of the best Blackberry phone to hit the market.

While on the other hand, we have the magical and revolutionary iPhone 4 which has been a might device in terms of design and technology and is already flying off the shelves. Although, making a comparison would not be fair to both the phones as they are both different devices. Still, we will be giving out a brief comparison of the main features of both devices to see which device takes most marks.

We start off with the camera of both devices. The Apple iPhone 4 as Apple promised has a mighty good 5 megapixel camera with HD Video Recording feature. Meanwhile the Blackberry has a 3.15 megapixel with LED flash which produces very good quality pictures.

Now things get interesting as we get to the design part. The designs of both phones are pretty similar to their previous models. The Apple iPhone 4 has a glass top on both sides. It is slimmer than its previous models while the blackberry bold 9700 has a design that is more masculine and it has a QWERTY keyboard. From the back, the BB Bold 9700 has a leather feel and looks more robust.

As far as the screen goes, the Apple iphone 4 has a delightful Retina touch screen and simply offers the best resolution comparing any Smartphone in the market. The blackberry also has a good display than its previous models but certainly falls much short of the iPhone display.

Other Features
Other features in the blackberry include the trackpad which makes navigation easier on the communicator and sending & receiving emails are quite simple. While the iPhone 4 takes the honor in the entertainment department with an excellent music and video player and a new video calling feature. Both phones are made for different user groups and the iphone 4 will certainly be hard to beat in any face off with a mobile device.