What Can You Really Do with an Android Spy App?

By on Feb 4, 2012 in Android |

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Few of us have any practical experience using something like an Android Spy App because the technology was once reserved for intelligence agents and police agencies.  But now thanks to the explosion of Android and other versions of cell phone spyware, the average person can finally take advantage of this incredible technological breakthrough.  Although the overall functionality will depend on the particular Android Spy App you install, here are just a few of the activities you can look forward to after installing:

Listening to Actual Phone Calls
Most versions of cell phone spyware will secretly record all incoming and outgoing calls on a monitored device.  To avoid listening to every single call, most of the advanced Android spy apps also include a Call Details feature so you can see who called first and then decide whether or not to listen to the actual recording.

Reviewing All IM’s, Texts, Pictures, Emails, and Video
Cutting edge cell phone spyware is capable of monitoring and recording all communications sent or received.  Yes, that means that you can use an iPhone or Android Spy App to view every Instant Message, Text, Email, or any communications on the monitored smart phone.

Eavesdrop on Smart Phone Surroundings
Even when someone isn’t “using” their smart phone, cell phone spyware can still be used to gather information.  Advanced versions of Android Spy Apps will allow you to login into your user account and activate the microphone on the monitored device so you can hear the surroundings. 

See Where People Take Their Cell Phone
Ever wonder where a loved one is really going each day?  Most versions of cell phone spyware include Location Monitoring that can track smart phone movements via GPS.  Just be careful when buying because some applications don’t track movements when traditional GPS fails, like when a subject enters a building, etc.

Learn What Websites Are Being Visited Each Day
A person’s web browsing history can tell you a lot about them and that is why many Android Spy Apps include a surveillance tool to track Internet activity.  A log of all website url’s visited with the smart phone is created and sent to the user account for later review and analysis.

Concluding Thoughts
When you know how to leverage the surveillance tools properly, cell phone spyware can monitor and record all activities on a smart phone.  For the most effective monitoring, be sure to look for cutting edge Android Spy Apps with the following features:

Unfortunately, not all cell phone spyware is created equal so you will need to do a little research before buying to ensure the application has tools necessary to monitor all smart phone activities.

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