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By on Nov 7, 2010 in Twitter Tools |

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How Popular are You on Twitter?

Are you curious to know your popularity on the most widely used microblogging social network, Twiiter? Do you want to an exponential growth in the number of your Twitter Followers? Ever wondered how your account has performed relative to your competitors? Are you seriously trying to optimize on Twitter as a branding medium? If your answer is yes, we have a fantastic webapp which can work wonders for you!

TwitterCount is a web application which provides detailed and easy-to-comprehend statistical data of all your Twitter related activities. It gives a complete account of the number of your followers and tracks the periodic growth graphically. You can view your weekly, monthly, 3-monthly and even six monthly growth rates on the homepage by just entering your user account name. You can even view a concise list of the world’s most popular Twitter users and Twitter Lists with an exact figure of followers, followings and tweets.You can even do comparative study of your progress with that of your competitors.
How can you get more followers on Twitter?

If Twitter is your marketing medium, then this tool can certainly be instrumental in helping you earn a spot in cut throat web space. Being featured on this platform will get you the exposure,visibility and a string of followers. As they say, all good things come at a price; here also, you need to pay to get featured. To start with, you have to invest a minimum of $65 to get your profile on the homepage of the website. There are various packages available depending on the number of times you want to be featured. You have numerous options like limiting the number of views in a day, being featured only in a target geographical location and a lot more.

What are the other Premium Services?

There are two categories of services: Pro Stats and Site Owner Tools. They are available at $15 and $25 per month respectively.

Pro Stats:
In Pro Stats, you will get access to “Premium Dashboard” where you can get graphical illustrations of your absolute and relative growth with respect to competitors. While a normal free user cannot get statistics beyond 6 months, you will have the privilege to access year long statistics for long term insights and business decisions and even hourly figures. Best of all, the webapp generates a downloadable CSV of all the consolidated statistics for your analytical purposes.
Site Owner Tools:

This is meant for all the marketing and strategic planners who wish to have an overview of all users visiting their site and their geographical location. They can get a report generated of the most frequented pages of the day, week or month and also real-time visitor stats. You can even get an invisible widget to closely track the visitors on your site.

In a nutshell, Twitter Counter is an amazing tool for all the number crunching, brand building and strengthening your presence online.