twhirl:Desktop Client for Twitter

By on Jul 30, 2010 in Twitter Apps |

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twhirl is a desktop client for the popular microblogging platform Twitter that builds on the very cool Adobe AIR runtime. AIR allows desktop software development using popular web techniques like XHTML/CSS or Flash/Flex. twhirl requires the most recent version of AIR (beta 3) to be installed on the client computer.
The goal for twhirl is to offer all features in the client that can be used on the website (or, at least all those that are made available by the twitter API), plus adding nice things the website cannot do due to its restrictions of being trapped in a browser and all security implications related to that fact.


All lists (statuses, direct messages, users) can be cleared and refreshed. To keep the user interface compact, the different lists are on seperate “layers”, of which only one is visible. You can change the visible layer using a combo box.