Tweetz:Windows Sidebar Gadget for Twitter

By on Oct 8, 2010 in Twitter Tools | 2 comments

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Think all Windows gadgets have to be pale facsimiles of their desktop counter parts? Think again. Tweetz gives you the the power of a desktop application with the convenience and fun of a gadget.

Because tweetz is a Windows Sidebar gadget it stays on your desktop where it’s always available. And if you’re a fan of Windows 7’s Aero Peek, you’re going to love tweetz. Simply move your mouse over the “Show Desktop” bar at any time to reveal your gadgets, including tweetz, and read your tweets.
tweetz features

Tweetz also respects the gadget guidelines. The docked version (pictured right) is 130 pixels wide and plays with other “docked” gadgets correctly. Want more realestate? No problem, the undocked version is wider and also displays the user’s picture.