Tweets Appear to be Missing (Known Issue)

By on Feb 5, 2011 in Twitter Tips |

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So it looks like you’re missing some Tweets. Oh sad! However, not all missing Tweets are the same. You may be experiencing one of the following

  1. A large amount of Tweets missing from your profile page. You posted them, but they are not on your profile page.
  2. The number of Tweets shown on your profile appears wrong, though you see all your Tweets when you look at your profile page.

I’m Missing Tweets! I posted them and they’re gone!

Some users report that when they look at their own profile page, they do not see all their Tweets. If you are affected by this issue, please:

  1. Navigate to your profile page – twitter.com/yourusernamehere
  2. Examine your Tweets to see which ones are missing (looking at the dates helps – e.g., if you know you posted Tweets in November, but now only see Tweets from October and December)
  3. Leave us a comment below with your username and the date range of Tweets missing (e.g. Everything I posted on December 1 is gone!)

The number of Tweets I see on my profile looks wrong. I know I’ve posted more Tweets than that!

Some of twitter users are reporting that the Tweet count displayed on their Profile page does not match the number of Tweets displayed on that page. The difference between the count and number of Tweets displayed is usually greater than 1-2 Tweets.

Charles Charles on Twitter

If you are affected by this issue, then please have patience team at twitter is always working to fix each and every issue.