TweetPee: the App That Tells Parents When Baby Needs a Diaper Change

By on Jun 5, 2013 in Twitter Apps |

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Parenting is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Babies are incredibly demanding, in need of constant care and attention; for many parents, the strain is almost too much to bear. Despite the fact that parenthood is a lifelong dream for many, it is by no means an easy path. Parents need all the help they can get, and diaper giant Huggies is now offering help in an entirely new way–TweetPee, a smart phone app that alerts parents when their babies need to be changed.

Lots of new parents already make great use of their smart phones as parenting tools. Numerous health and education related apps help them care for their babies in the best possible ways, and many apps can be used to entertain the babies themselves. TweetPee goes a step further, offering a unique solution to the problem of diaper changes. Using a small sensor that attaches to the child’s diaper and measures humidity levels, this app sends out tweet-like alerts that tell parents when their babies have wet themselves. This could turn out to be little more than a novelty, or it could become the next must-have item for parents everywhere.

This app includes other useful capabilities, such as an option to track diaper changes in order to measure babies’ regularity and development. Parents can control who receives the alerts, as the app works either by sending out text messages or generating social media notifications. Babysitters and nannies could be included in the circle, making the app useful even when mom and dad aren’t around. Finally, TweetPee offers parents the option to order diapers directly through the app. Users can even use the app to track their stock of diapers at home and ensure that they order more before the stash runs out.

Huggies is currently testing its new product in Brazil to gather market research information. The device that is used to detect diaper changing time is a small bluebird that attaches to the child’s diaper. It is comfortable, safe and unobtrusive enough to work for any parent, and does its job by periodically measuring humidity in the diaper area. Fluctuations in moisture levels are used to generate alerts and notify parents about the need for a change. As the product is refined and improved, it will surely become even more capable in order to meet the demands of modern customers.

Will TweetPee catch on, or will parents stick to their old tried-and-true ways of dealing with diaper changes. The market will decide whether Huggies is solving a real problem or just generating a novelty item. Parenting expenses and responsibilities are huge today, ranging from postnatal care to the California Cryobank, and some parents may not take the idea of TweetPee seriously enough to give it a fair shot.

Wherever this new app goes in the future, parents everywhere can rest assured that technology will continue to grow and meet their needs. TweetPee is yet another example of innovation and ingenuity rising up to help the average parents.