Top 5 Alternatives to HootSuite

By on Aug 14, 2010 in Twitter Apps | 10 comments

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After recent announcement of HootSuite going paid, a lot is talked about the future market of Social Media Suite. Social Media Suite is an emerging platform which is present in different flavors over the Internet.

Integrating multiple social networking sites in one portal is something that many people want. As per the market’s view HootSuite has been consider a very popular social media suite with high level of engagement with their customer. But their recent announcement has set back many users over the internet and people have been looking for the alternative.

So let me list down top 5 Free Social Media Suite which could be a better alternative to HootSuite. While looking for the alternative, we are looking at engagement console, tweet facility, list management, feed scheduling and multiple networking sites. The order is purely random.

1.Tweetdeck - TweetDeck is a desktop application that lets you connect Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and more. Initially, TweetDeck was the only application pioneering the social media suite. It was also the one who brought the columnar view to the existence.
TweetDeck Full
With TweetDeck anyone can tweet like a Pro. Customise your Twitter experience with columns, groups, saved searches and automatic updates helping you to effortlessly stay updated with the people and topics you care about.

2.Seesmic - Seesmic is very similar to TweetDeck and Hootsuite, but was one of the first web Social Media Suite in the market. It had some advantage over the TweetDeck over easy to manage account and so on. In middle it had launched a very innovative Desktop application partnering with Microsoft but didn’t do that well.But still it is a good alternative to HootSuite.
3.CoTweet – CoTweet is very similar to HootSuite and was the first tool to go paid long time back. It’s free version has very less feature with respect to its paid version. Technically speaking, Hootsuite is following CoTweet’s path to being and enterprise solution.
But its free version is also enough to be an alternative to HootSuite. Some of their features include engaging with people and your network. Tracking conversations and hastags.

4.Brizzly - Brizzly has different interface to that of its counterparts. They have a facebook like interface with options to view replies, inbox messages and trends in the networking platform. Though they have been quite for some time, they have lot of potential to become a major social media aggregator. It has a similar multiple networking site.
Recently, they had released a new concept surrounding the twitter called Picnic which is still taking some time to gain traction.

5.Buzzom - Buzzom is yet another social media suite which goes almost toe to toe in its feature list with HootSuite.Many other networking sites do not concentrate on feed and stream filtering. But Buzzom has good spam filtering section and account management.
In addition to this, Buzzom’s interface looks very similar to that of Brizzly and Facebook but it has many innovative twist to it.


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    November 29, 2010

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    If you can’t justify $15/month per Hootsuite team member, you should check out GroupTweet.com. We obviously don’t offer all the features of Hootsuite, but GroupTweet will enable an unlimited number of team members to contribute content to a single Twitter timeline for only $5/month. You will likely need to sign up for the premium account because you won’t want all of your followers to be able to publish DM’s to your Twitter timeline. The Premium account will give you features such as Author Whitelisting or Message Moderation. You can use GroupTweet in conjunction with any Twitter client out there, ie Tweetdeck, Twitter.com or even Hootsuite’s free version!


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