Tips To Choosing A Good Dedicated Host

By on Apr 23, 2012 in Hosting |

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Whatever the motivation in choosing a dedicated server, it is clear that it is a sophisticated solution for a higher end function. While the technicalities may call for a dedicated solution, the bells and whistles that may accompany one package to the next sometimes can take on a life of its own. There are many server farms that offer various packages that choosing the best service among them can be daunting to muddle through. As a checklist, here are the key factors that should shine through all the hype.

Operating Systems
Depending on the objectives of the end configuration, the starting point is the operating system that is to tie all the server’s potential together. Two main platforms dominate this end of the servers. The first, and the one that is increasingly popular now, is the UNIX. The other is, Windows.  There are other variation of the software but they are just variations of UNIX. The choice between the two boils down to how familiar the webmaster is, UNIX requires a little more knowledge while Windows is a little more newbie-friendly, always a nice assistance. Power-wise the UNIX does pack quite a punch for those who know their way around a server.

Monitoring Services
This is a very important factor in choosing a dedicated host. Many dedicated hosts may sound inexpensive, but are missing the critical element of providing administrative support. This is not a scam, but an industry standard. One must specify that the choice is to have a service that is managed and that would then include a monitoring service to alert everyone if there is problem or crisis.

Data Transfer, Bandwidth And Recovery
One thing a dedicated servers must have is blistering speed and unmetered data transfer. These days its not impossible to find data transfer rates from dedicated servers in the 100MB range, but make the effort to note that this can be shared bandwidth or dedicated bandwidth If you anticipate heavy workloads and your location is at 100 MB, then do not accept the bottleneck. Make certain the bandwidth is not shared. Data transfer must be unmetered. This is not difficult to find. As for recovery, make sure there is constant back up to the data and that the back up is always online. For mission critical servers it is unacceptable to have any lapse in backup and recovery.

Load Balancers
For those who need the liquidity and performance of a dedicated server, it is crucial that load balancers be included into the package. Most good providers do provide this. Two robust load balancers are recommended depending on the needs and these are Zeus load balancers and Cisco load balancers. Good server farms will have one or the other, or both for you to chose from. Off the two Zeus is highly cost effective.

These four items are the start to choosing a good hosting service. The other factors are easy to find and easy to compromise, but for the level of service that demands a dedicated server these four mission critical issues must be present in any choice of hosting.

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