The Top 10 Free Antivirus Software Out There

By on Mar 3, 2011 in Antivirus | 2 comments

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antivirusKeeping your computer safe is the most important thing if you are a regular surfer on the internet or your computer is used for various tasks, especially if these tasks include the usage of removable media like USBs and External Hard Drives, which are also used with public computers. These are the most common sources of viruses and thus it is the best idea to keep your computer protected with an appropriate antivirus tool.

Most antivirus tools are very expensive and not affordable by causal users. Especially, if you are in an underdeveloped country, these antivirus solutions can be quite expensive. You shouldn’t get worried though as there are many good free antivirus solutions available which can help keep your computer safe at zero cost. I would like to discuss here the best free antivirus solutions available out there.

1) Avira Antivir Personal
Going at number one is Avira Antivir Personal edition. The software uses a very efficient scanning algorithm which is capable of detecting many malware programs and viruses. It even denies system access to several originally safe files which can be used by viruses to infect a system for example the autorun.inf file present on most media.

2) AVG Free
AVG free is a very popular antivirus which can provide basic protection to your system if you are low on cash. The program itself is very light and can run in the background without compromising system’s performance. The link scanner can detect potentially dangerous pages and block them before they can cause any harm to the computer.

3) Bitdefender Free Edition
The Bitdefender free edition is a basic virus removal tool provided by the world’s leading antivirus solution provider. The free version is an on demand scanner and is perfect for scanning complete systems manually for viruses and malwares.

4) Avast! Home Edition
Avast! Home Edition is a very popular virus detection and removal tool. Although, it might be a bit heavy on the system, it can still provide great security completely free. It also has support for peer-to-peer protection which makes it perfect if you use such software.

5) Comodo Internet Security
Comodo Internet Security is the only all in one internet security suit which can very well protect a computer from internet virus, malware and spyware attacks. It also comes with a completely free firewall which can pretty much block all Trojan and other intrusion programs out there.

6) Microsoft Security Essentials
This free tool provided by Microsoft is reasonable for low level virus detections. The software is completely free for Genuine Windows users and offers basic protection against various threats.

7) Rising Antivirus
Rising Antivirus provides a free protection tool against all kinds of viruses and is definitely a good solution if you are looking for something that goes easy on system resources.

8 ) Panda Cloud Antivirus
This is the newest addition in the free antivirus software tools. Never the less, it provides good protection against viruses but is very heavy on system resources. Newer versions might do better than the older versions. However, the program is very good against viruses and uses the new innovative technology by Panda to maintain a huge virus database and thus has very high detection rate.

9) Clamwin Antivirus
Clamwin Antivirus is another free tool for virus removal. The good side to this software is that it is completely open source and the bad side is that there is no automatic file scanner and each file or directory has to be scanned manually.

10) A — Squared Free
A — Squared Free is another new name in the free antivirus market and it will protect your computer against various kinds of viruses including Trojans, Rootkits, Key loggers etc.