The Rebirth of the Stylus

By on Aug 1, 2012 in Software |

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The stylus has been around for, literally, thousands of years. The Romans have always been considered a civilisation that was well ahead of its time and you can’t doubt this when they too were using tablets and styluses together! Admittedly there tablets were wax tablets, but still, the point is valid.

Fly forward to 2012, the stylus and the tablet are back. The tablet has had somewhat of a makeover during the last 2000 years or so, it not features touch screen technology and is capable of playing music, showing pictures, sending messages across the world and more. The stylus on the other hand hasn’t changed so much.

It seems a little absurd the stylus used on wax tablets several millennia ago is in essence the same thing that is used on digital tablets today. Why haven’t styluses been optimised for today’s technology?

It’s clear that many manufacturers are content with producing styluses that cost only a few pence to make and they can sell for a few quid. Fair enough, it makes good business sense – good luck to them. But it’s not particularly progressive or forward thinking.

One company that have broken the stylus mould though are Adonit. Adonit realised that whilst a stylus needed to be pointed for engraving, it didn’t have to be for touch-screen technology. Especially when you consider that rubber-tipped styluses, which are common place, are pretty hopeless when it comes to traction and control. They are much harder to use than pen and paper. This doesn’t seem like progress if things are harder to use and less effective.

Instead, Adonit have gone back to the drawing board and created the Adonit Jot – a stylus that feels like a fine pen. The main difference between the Jot and other styluses is found at the nib of the stylus: where there sits a ‘Precision-Disc’. This little spherical disc glides over the glass-screen of products such as the iPad with ease and provides outstanding traction and control – just like pen and paper!

The Adonit Jot is available to buy from Adonit UK, with a host of different models available to suit your needs.