The Mango Health App Rewards You for Staying Healthy

By on Apr 27, 2013 in Cell Phones |

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Have you taken your medication today? All over the world, people are trying their best to get healthy and stay that way. Gym memberships are growing, health-oriented diets are becoming increasingly common, and millions of people are kicking their old unhealthy habits in favor of a more active lifestyle. However, one lingering problem is the average American’s failure to follow prescribed medication regimens. Mango health seeks to solve this problem with their new mobile app.

Experts estimate that up to 50% of Americans who are prescribed medication fail to take their medicine regularly, and this problem has serious implications. Aside from putting the health of individual patients at risk, this failure to follow doctors’ orders costs the health care system billions of dollars every year. The Mango Health organization, started by former game developers, has introduced a health-oriented mobile app that they believe will help people stick to their medication regimens and stay healthy.

Mango Health’s app works by turning the medication routine into a game. It employs a sleek, colorful interface for easy interaction, and makes the old chore of taking medicine into a fun activity. The app is also highly informative and educational, as it provides important information about medicine interactions. Users won’t have to worry about the negative effects of combining their medications, which is especially helpful for any patient on a regimen of multiple daily doses. Timed daily reminders give the users personalized notifications whenever they’re due for a daily dose, making it easier than ever to stay on top of a medication routine.

Best of all, Mango Health offers its users a reward system to keep them motivated. Users can earn points every day by taking their medication on time and logging their doses in the app. As they accumulate points, users can start to earn rewards like gift cards and charity donations. This is a great way to keep users engaged and loyal to the app while they keep up with their medication regimens. It also allows Mango Health to offer their app free of charge. Brand integration and partnership with businesses serves as advertising that keeps the cost of the app down for users everywhere.

Health and fitness apps are becoming more popular every day as people all over the world grow increasingly concerned about their health. Several popular apps already help mobile users keep track of their daily diet foods, generate new workout ideas, and track progress in exercise regimens. Several currently available mobile apps have attempted to solve the medication regimen problem, but none have been as forward-thinking as Mango Health. While other apps have tackled the problem in unique ways, Mango brings a light-hearted sense of fun into the situation, and that should help patients everywhere stay motivated and stick to their prescribed medicine routines.

With a successful background in gaming and over a million dollars in raised funds for development of their app, Mango Health is well equipped to tackle this important issue. Their new health game could be very effective in solving the medication problem, and experts everywhere are optimistic about its potential.