Tesla to Use AT&T Service in Connected Cars

By on Oct 23, 2013 in Uncategorized |

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If you’ve never heard of the company Tesla before, as the world continues to be more eco-friendly, we’re pretty confident that you will. That’s because Tesla is a car company that specializes in making electric vehicles. It’s for that reason that we’re not surprised about a recent announcement that AT&T has made regarding a partnership that it’s made with them.

Just as cell phones have gone from basically being a one-purpose device (something that we can make and receive calls from) to a handheld computer (thanks to the technological advances of smartphones), there is a lot of media pointing to the fact that cars are making quite the transition as well. No longer is it simply a vehicle to get us from Point A to Point B. Thanks to Google, there will soon be cars on the market that will be self-driving and thanks to communication giants such as AT&T, there will also be cars that will have a connection to the internet too.

As a matter of fact, that is what the partnership with Tesla is all about. Soon, all of the Tesla cars will be connected to AT&T. How will that be possible? Well, the plan is that each car will have a modem inside of it along with a SIM card so that AT&T can keep up with real-time data such as radio signals and safety diagnostics along with the Tesla car owners’ driving habits. But that’s not all, consumers will also be able to access a screen that will provide them with the opportunity to use applications such as checking the weather and also connecting to the internet. This means drivers will be able to hold hands-free phone calls and conference meetings while passengers can surf the internet.

Although this is a big move for AT&T, for those who have been keeping abreast of their acquisitions, this probably does not come as much of a surprise. Currently, they own General Motor’s OnStar system (which they actually took from their communications competitor Verizon) and they are also partners with Sirius XM (they have some of their communications connected to North American Nissan models).

All of this on top of the fact that they have recently invested in M2M-focused center that will be known as The Foundry of Atlanta has caused many people to speculate that AT&T’s partnership with Tesla may be more than what initially meets the eye. For the record, a spokesperson for AT&T said that there is no “bells-and-whistles” to the deal. It’s a simple communications one in spite of the fact that neither company has provided many other details, thus far, than that.

One thing that we can know for sure though is that whether AT&T decides to partner with more automobile companies or even invest in technology provider businesses like ISG, it’s full speed ahead for AT&T and cars. The way that we’ve known them, will never be the same.

As many car commercials have predicted for years, vehicles are becoming more than a transportation device; they are truly becoming a driving experience.