Athletes give Delhi Commonwealth Games thumbs up on Twitter

By on Oct 2, 2010 in Twitter News |

Australian athletes are happy by the accommodation and security at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. They have used social networking site Twitter to give the thumbs up to their accommodation and security in the Indian capital. The build up to the Common wealth Games have been in controversy after the collapse of a footbridge, the shooting of two tourists and reports of filthy and unlivable conditions in the athletes’ village. Swimmer Ashley Delaney said that the condition of the village was improving. “Each day the village has gotten better and better! I haven’t seen a snake or a monkey yet…” Delaney tweeted. He also described the security on the way to the main competition pool as impressive. “We have a police escort take us there and back and we don’t stop at all. It’s actually pretty impressive!” World champion cyclist Anna Meares...