Surprise Move By Research In Motion To Offer Security Software

By on Dec 3, 2011 in Blackberry, Gadgets, Software |

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Blackberry is down but not yet out. They are moving into a realm that is surprising for a company that has been focused in the past on hardware. Research In Motion has made “Mobile Fusion” an enterprise software that works on its competitor’s smartphones as well. Get a look at it here in this short article.

Research In Motion Changes Venue To Software
The team at Research In Motion is beaten in market share these days, but not in mind share. Other companies have undertaken to do what this group has done but not in such depth. Google created their “Google Voice” for the iPhone, much to the chagrin of Apple. Now Research In Motion is making security software for both Android devices, iPhone smartphones and more. Is this an attempt to retake their once-dominant position? Probably not. They have gone through some massive changes with their own software. Changing from “Blackberry OS 6” to QNX ( now renamed BBX ) has taken them down on the rung of popularity. This could be a step to crank them up a notch.

Introducing : “Mobile Fusion”
The software in view is called “Mobile Fusion”. Blackberry is aiming this as a security tool for those using their smartphones for work. They plan on covering the whole gamut of devices. They will cover their own Blackberry smartphones, iPhones, smartphones with Android installed and are including tablets as well. Control for the “Mobile Fusion” system is going to be from the web, from Blackberry servers. Other people call this the “cloud”, but Research In Motion prefers to keep their “Blackberry Enterprise Server” name on the ticket instead of using the term “cloud”.

What Can “Mobile Fusion” Do?
What will the new Research In Motion software accomplish? It is able to be a complete “command and control” interface for many different smartphones. One feature is the ability to remotely wipe, secure and protect lost or stolen handsets. This is already available from other providers, but is part of this “Mobile Fusion” package. One user can control multiple devices, which is a nice feature for managers. Both group and user administration is enabled, so that one person can act as a system administrator, just like an in-house computer setup.

Look For This System Early Next Year
The Research In Motion “Mobile Fusion” software will be available in March for an unspecified price. It will be a bid for Blackberry to continue to remain relevant in a fast-paced mobile revolution that has been passing them up this year.

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