SpaFinder Helps You Get a Dose of R&R

By on Oct 10, 2013 in iPhone Apps |

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Most modern adults lead far busier lives than previous generations. With many homes requiring two incomes in order to stay afloat these days, the separate spheres of work and home of old, whereby men went to work and brought home a paycheck and women ran the household and raised the kids, are a thing of the past. No longer are these duties split between the sexes now that both adults in the home have to hold a job and bring home the bacon. As a result, each spouse (or parent) must now take on the duties of both breadwinner and homemaker, leaving little time for personal pursuits like hobbies, down time, or sleep, just for example. Add to that the competitive job market, which means most people are willing to work overtime and weekends in order to keep a job, and the stress level can be astronomical. The point is that you could probably use a dose of rest and relaxation every now and then. And with a handy application like SpaFinder on your iPhone, you can get just what you’re looking for with ease.

Whether you’d rather unwind with a massage, a facial, a scrub, or a seaweed body wrap, just for example, there are no doubt a number of spas in your area that can cater to your every need and offer you the type of pampering you prefer. But if you’re going to shell out the money for an extravagance like a day at the spa, you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. So you might not feel comfortable flipping through the Yellow Pages and heading to the spa nearest you. You’ll probably want to comparison shop for services, pricing, and of course, customer reviews. SpaFinder provides all of this and more in an application that’s free to download.

You can certainly start by seeking out spas that are closest in proximity to your current location (home, work, etc.), but you can also search by a number of criteria, including location (such as zip code), specific treatments you’re seeking, and price, just for starters. Your results will populate on a map (or in list form, if you prefer) and you can select tagged locations in order to get more information, including basics like address and phone number, as well as directions, an overview of the business, a menu of services, pricing information, reviews, and even deals, discounts, and specials being offered. But it gets better than that.

Once you’ve found day spas in Needham, New York City, or your local region that seem appealing, the app offers you the option to book an appointment with a few simple taps. All you have to do is hit the “book now” button and enter information as prompted to reserve your preferred appointment time and date at the spa of your choice. And with new discounts being offered all the time, you’re sure to find a great deal on whatever services you’d like to try from spas that come recommended by other users. In short, it’s a great way for the harried, modern adult to get away from the stresses of work and home life for a little while and procure a little much-needed pampering. The fact that SpaFinder streamlines the process means your stress-free experience starts the minute you decide to search for a spa.