Sony Releases VAIO S

By on Mar 8, 2011 in Laptops | 4 comments

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Sony Vaio SA new release has been unveiled for Sony’s VAIO range, the VAIO S. The aim of the new VAIO S is power, to raise the bar for what laptops can do. For those who are using programs and applications that take up a lot of ram and processor capacity, Sony are hoping to lure these customers over to their new range with some features that make some desktop PCs look slow.

Laptops have often had less power capacity than desktop PCs due to their size constraints. This has changed over time as computing technology has grown to make laptops just as powerful and high performance as desktops. The VAIO S is more powerful and has better performance than desktops inside a one inch profile and a 13.3 inch screen form factor makes this laptop easy to carry around with your for business or travel.

The processors powering this range is Intel’s second generation iCore 6 and iCore 7, which is a choice for customers depending on their wants and needs. The laptops utilize the AMD Radeon HD 6630 1GB Hybrid Graphics card, which gives the computer a massive boost in terms of graphical content. This addition takes the strain from your computer’s processors, making your laptop much faster in performance of its functions. This is done without using up too much of the battery’s power, and essentially it lessens the amount of power your laptop uses. The graphics card also has a possible upgrade to those who want or require it, with the choice of a high performance two-channel drive which his solid state with RAID 0 technologies.

The design of the VAIO is sleek, elegant and quite stylish, available in two colours: black and white. An added touch of class and looks are added by using magnesium and aluminium materials, making the laptop look like a piece of art along with its performance and functionality. The battery of the VAIO S is a built-in Li-polymer battery, which can be used with a sheet battery to give you about 15 hours of battery power with ease until you have to connect your laptop to a power outlet. The power sheet comes with intelligent charging, meaning that you are able to charge it up separately.

The VAIO S range is currently on sale. The price starts at $970 for the base model, and depending on what extra components you choose will decide the final cost of the laptop. For those who are after high performance and stylish looks, then the VAIO S is a great choice.