The Mistakes that are commonly Found in Website Designing

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Designing a website is a process that requires good amount of knowledge as well as expertise as it is the thing that is visible to the users. The niche or the content that you want to present needs to projected to the users or the customers in an appealing manner else your business won’t be able to flourish. Website acts as the interface between customers and your business. It is the website and its overall features and appearance that matters and can influence your business. There are certain flaws that are commonly seem to be done while designing the website. It is required to overcome this and make the website more reachable to the clients. Much Flashy Most of the designers aim to make the website too attractive for the customers. For making the website attractive, the designers may make the website overloaded with images, videos and messages. This kind of attractive methods may make the customers to deviate from the actual niche of the website. It should be considered that the website should contain photos and graphics that are required for your niche and the website. Excess amount of graphics and such elements can make your customers get confused. More Information You may be excited to inform the customers about the benefits of your services or the products but making your website filled with large amount of information can make it vague. No customer will spend too much of time in reading about the benefit. Jot out the things that are required and try to express most of the information through videos, animations, charts, graphs etc as these are more expressive ways of conveying the message. Readability Readability is another thing that most designers forget while developing their website. Try to make the look of your website pleasing and make it readable. Try to choose light background color and dark font colors for your website as this is the better way through information on website can be made readable. Providing the information in a cluttered manner can also make it hard for the customers to read things properly. Slow Pages The first thing that you need to consider while designing the website is the speed with which the page is loaded. Most of the designers forget this and try to add many graphics, advertisements and so many items in to the website due to which it may take a lot of time for your website to get loaded. You cannot expect that the customer may have patience to wait until your website is loaded and so it is better for you to add only those items that are much required. Space of Display When you are designing the website for the first time, you always design the website on your perspective that is you consider the monitor of the gadget that you are using and there are chances for the users to make use of different sized monitor which may not provide the same effects as you see on your monitor and so when you are providing the overall size of the website, make it applicable to every device that accesses your website. It is very much essential to consider the perspective of user while designing the web page and then most of the mistakes that are concerned with the designing part can be rectified. Once the designing is over, it is always good to take the suggestion of a third person so that you get the actual opinion of the user. BIO: Roman Sahakov works for Acuity Training Company and writes articles that cover topics like presentation skills training, sql course, leadership training course and so on! He always manages to write articles that become type of hints for those who are interested in trainings and...

5 Tips for Creating Long-Term Online Customer Engagement

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As a business, it can be hard to know where the trends are going. It seems that anything could push a certain industry in one direction and then moments later it could get blown somewhere else. Indeed, e-commerce is a peripatetic industry. Fads, trends and styles come and go. The real question becomes: how do you create staying power while at the same time maintaing relevancy and customer engagement? The answer to this question is not so simple, because there are actually many answers. Moreover, one answer may work for one business and not another. It all depends on what industry you are in and who your demographic is. Here are five tips for creating long-term online customer engagement. Make sure that you create a brand identity that people can relate to. The more identifiable your brand is, the more customers will want to connect with your business. Many businesses exist behind a shroud and there is no definable identity with which to relate to. However, by creating a timeless identity, customers will time and time again be able to recognize your brand, which can be critical when there are so many other businesses to compete with. Make sure that you know exactly who and what your demographic is. Many new businesses may know who their demographic should be, but oftentimes, demographics change. A business that should belong to one demographic, could – all of a sudden – grow a whole other other demographic. So, it is important to not fight it, but to go with the flow and see where it takes your business. Next to setting up business directory software and creating your SEO initiatives, creating a strong profile of your demographic is vital. Without this profile, it will be hard to know what direction to take your business. Make sure that your representatives know that customer engagement is vital. By creating a culture of customer engagement, you can create stronger relationships with customers. The stronger the relationships is, the more likely customers will be loyal to your brand or business. If you have an online business with customer service reps, make sure that customer awareness and satisfaction are a part of the golden rule. When it comes to training new employees, customer engagement should be something that is drilled into the training process. Make sure that you have live response and chat services on your website. There are a number of plugins that you can download for your site that can allow browsing customers to live chat with customer service reps. Basically, some customers may not be so inclined to pick the phone and call if they have questions. Sometimes they just want to write in and get an immediate response. With a live chat service you can not only increase customer engagement, but also sales. Make sure that your social media campaign is a hub of activity. If you don’t respond and engage with customers on your social media platform, you will never connect with customers. Social media is the perfect controlled environment to market your brand and engage with customers, so it is important to never take it for...

Tesla to Use AT&T Service in Connected Cars

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If you’ve never heard of the company Tesla before, as the world continues to be more eco-friendly, we’re pretty confident that you will. That’s because Tesla is a car company that specializes in making electric vehicles. It’s for that reason that we’re not surprised about a recent announcement that AT&T has made regarding a partnership that it’s made with them. Just as cell phones have gone from basically being a one-purpose device (something that we can make and receive calls from) to a handheld computer (thanks to the technological advances of smartphones), there is a lot of media pointing to the fact that cars are making quite the transition as well. No longer is it simply a vehicle to get us from Point A to Point B. Thanks to Google, there will soon be cars on the market that will be self-driving and thanks to communication giants such as AT&T, there will also be cars that will have a connection to the internet too. As a matter of fact, that is what the partnership with Tesla is all about. Soon, all of the Tesla cars will be connected to AT&T. How will that be possible? Well, the plan is that each car will have a modem inside of it along with a SIM card so that AT&T can keep up with real-time data such as radio signals and safety diagnostics along with the Tesla car owners’ driving habits. But that’s not all, consumers will also be able to access a screen that will provide them with the opportunity to use applications such as checking the weather and also connecting to the internet. This means drivers will be able to hold hands-free phone calls and conference meetings while passengers can surf the internet. Although this is a big move for AT&T, for those who have been keeping abreast of their acquisitions, this probably does not come as much of a surprise. Currently, they own General Motor’s OnStar system (which they actually took from their communications competitor Verizon) and they are also partners with Sirius XM (they have some of their communications connected to North American Nissan models). All of this on top of the fact that they have recently invested in M2M-focused center that will be known as The Foundry of Atlanta has caused many people to speculate that AT&T’s partnership with Tesla may be more than what initially meets the eye. For the record, a spokesperson for AT&T said that there is no “bells-and-whistles” to the deal. It’s a simple communications one in spite of the fact that neither company has provided many other details, thus far, than that. One thing that we can know for sure though is that whether AT&T decides to partner with more automobile companies or even invest in technology provider businesses like ISG, it’s full speed ahead for AT&T and cars. The way that we’ve known them, will never be the same. As many car commercials have predicted for years, vehicles are becoming more than a transportation device; they are truly becoming a driving...

How Specified Are The Skills Tested By Microsoft Certification Exams?

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Exactly how much does each certification earned from successfully completing Microsoft Certification Exams tell you about the skills of the person who holds that certification? This is an important issue to tackle because these certifications are supposed to tell employers what you can do. How specified and, therefore, how useful are they? Different Subject Areas Certifications are divided at their most basic level into different subject areas. These subjects are only the preliminary way of telling one certification from another and don’t say a whole lot about what you can do. Rather, they speak to what area of the IT field you are dealing with. Greater detail comes with the next distinction. Different Skill Levels Once you know what aspects of the IT field a certification deals with, the skill level differentiation is the one that counts. There are certifications that are geared toward those with rudimentary skills and more certifications for every level as the skills advance to complete mastery of the most complicated applications of that specialty. These certifications are highly specified so that every certification provides a clear idea of what the person who holds it can do. The Right Certifications Point Directly To The Right Career In the end, every certification or collection of certifications tends to point directly to a specific career path. The fact that these certifications are highly specified makes it easy for IT professionals to know which certifications to get and for employers to know what certifications they need to look for during the hiring process. In short, these certifications help...

SpaFinder Helps You Get a Dose of R&R

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Most modern adults lead far busier lives than previous generations. With many homes requiring two incomes in order to stay afloat these days, the separate spheres of work and home of old, whereby men went to work and brought home a paycheck and women ran the household and raised the kids, are a thing of the past. No longer are these duties split between the sexes now that both adults in the home have to hold a job and bring home the bacon. As a result, each spouse (or parent) must now take on the duties of both breadwinner and homemaker, leaving little time for personal pursuits like hobbies, down time, or sleep, just for example. Add to that the competitive job market, which means most people are willing to work overtime and weekends in order to keep a job, and the stress level can be astronomical. The point is that you could probably use a dose of rest and relaxation every now and then. And with a handy application like SpaFinder on your iPhone, you can get just what you’re looking for with ease. Whether you’d rather unwind with a massage, a facial, a scrub, or a seaweed body wrap, just for example, there are no doubt a number of spas in your area that can cater to your every need and offer you the type of pampering you prefer. But if you’re going to shell out the money for an extravagance like a day at the spa, you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. So you might not feel comfortable flipping through the Yellow Pages and heading to the spa nearest you. You’ll probably want to comparison shop for services, pricing, and of course, customer reviews. SpaFinder provides all of this and more in an application that’s free to download. You can certainly start by seeking out spas that are closest in proximity to your current location (home, work, etc.), but you can also search by a number of criteria, including location (such as zip code), specific treatments you’re seeking, and price, just for starters. Your results will populate on a map (or in list form, if you prefer) and you can select tagged locations in order to get more information, including basics like address and phone number, as well as directions, an overview of the business, a menu of services, pricing information, reviews, and even deals, discounts, and specials being offered. But it gets better than that. Once you’ve found day spas in Needham, New York City, or your local region that seem appealing, the app offers you the option to book an appointment with a few simple taps. All you have to do is hit the “book now” button and enter information as prompted to reserve your preferred appointment time and date at the spa of your choice. And with new discounts being offered all the time, you’re sure to find a great deal on whatever services you’d like to try from spas that come recommended by other users. In short, it’s a great way for the harried, modern adult to get away from the stresses of work and home life for a little while and procure a little much-needed pampering. The fact that SpaFinder streamlines the process means your stress-free experience starts the minute you decide to search for a...

For Small Business Owners, SEO Is God!

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As a small business owner, you know how difficult it is to attract qualified traffic to your website. You may end up spending lots of money on Google and Facebook ads. But there is an easier and more efficient way: SEO. Here is an infographic that explains it better: Graphic Source

Sinking Your Teeth Into SEO

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There are jut so many different approaches to SEO. But in my mind there is nothing quite like content marketing. After all, content is the what people truly consume on the Internet. Here is an infographic that explains this better: Image Source

Press Releases Mean Business

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Today we can truly say that getting media exposure has became a reality for small business owners as well. This is because the “press” is no longer restricted to newspapers, but also includes blogs and other online properties. Here is an infographic that drives home this point. Infographic Credit