Multwiple: Best Twitter Client Around

By on Aug 21, 2010 in Twitter Apps |

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Multwiple.com is a web-based twitter client that allows you to use all your twitter accounts in one place.Multwiple allows you to easily manage multiple twitter accounts. If you are a first time user, goto the home page and click on the “Sign-In with Twitter” button. This will redirect you to Twitter.

Squeezed for space in tweets? Have a long URL you must include in your tweet? Not to worry. Use the URL shortener. Click on the “URL Shortener” link, paste your long URL and click on the Add button to add the shortened URL to your tweet. Works like a charm.

Want to know who else is talking about your product or your brand? Want to know who is using a particular client? You can now simply search for it.
Searching a keyword in user tweets all over the world couldn’t have been any easier. Simply type in your keyword in the search boxes shown in top-left of the menu and click “Go”. A new tweet box will appear showing all the tweets containing your keyword.

To search a keyword in tweets tweeted using a particular twitter client, use the following format: <keyword>:<client>. For example, Burger:multwiple will results in tweets containing the word ‘Burger’ that were tweeted using multwiple.

Now you can never loose track of a tweet or the link contained in it! Whenever you click on a link in a tweet box in multwiple, the link is opened in a new tab/browser window with the original tweet shown at the top.

Simple to keep track the number tweets or your favorite tweets or your followers or people you follow. Its all there.

Know what the current trending topics are. Keep abreast with the rest of the tweeties! Trends allow youto quick check on new trending topics and follow people tweeting about them.