MedTube: a Medical Video Archive

By on May 20, 2013 in Cell Phones |

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Do you remember the first job you had, probably as a teenager? Since you had no education or experience that an employer might find useful, you likely had to take a low-level, minimum-wage job that required no expertise. You may have worked in a fast food restaurant, taking orders and flipping burgers on a grill, or perhaps you got a job at a retail store, folding sweaters and making sales. If you were a little less lucky, you might have wound up working for a telemarketer (shudder). But even in these jobs, which are commonly described as being so easy that a monkey could do them, you had to undergo some training. Do you recall how long it took you to learn to use a cash register, or to remember which toppings went on the Whopper? Although you probably only underwent a few days of training at most, it likely took you a lot longer to get comfortable with the demands of the position. So when you consider what goes into becoming a doctor, as opposed to prepping food at a restaurant, you can see why so many years of schooling and clinical training are required.

That said, there is such a vast amount of knowledge required in order to function as a medical professional that it should be no surprise that healthcare workers must frequently refer back to source materials in order to recall the nuances of lessons learned. And thanks to a handy little app for the iPhone and iPad, they can now do so with the help of video content. MedTube, which is free to download, provides a multimedia library of medical videos that includes actual surgical procedure, along with a slate of other resources like animations, presentations, lectures, podcasts, case reports, and all kinds of other materials for healthcare professionals to peruse. And the best part is that it’s completely free of charge.

The app itself is simple enough to use, whether you’re looking for something specific or merely poking around. The first step is to select a broad category, such as dentistry, gastroenterology, pathology, or surgery, just to name a few. Then you’ll discover a slew of subheadings to choose from, after which you’ll be taken to a listing of pertinent video content for your selection. If you want information on a hernia, for example, you’ll find tons of video content, including not only footage of treatments and procedures to correct specific types of hernia, but also lectures about the condition and potential therapies. With a wide range of categories and a growing library that currently numbers at over 11,000 videos, you’re sure to find something useful.

The content itself is provided by a wide range of reputable sources, including doctors, medical groups, and universities all over the world. And before any video is introduced into the archive it must be screened and approved by a team of doctors and specialists. Each video therefor has educational value, and users can reasonably expect that they will not find materials that contain questionable content (such as controversial procedures or technologies). Whether you are a nurse, a medical doctor, or a specialist; whether you own private practice, work in the ER, or operate a Los Angeles pain management facility; this application was made by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. So use it to refresh your memory or learn something new every day. MedTube is on demand, medical TV for any healthcare professional that wants to provide the best possible service to their patients.