Laptops Take Over Desktops in Terms of Sales Revenues

By on Mar 3, 2011 in Laptops | 3 comments

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laptopTrends always keep on shifting in the computer market and as new technology comes in, people shift towards the new technology and the sales for the old technology falls down. The modern world is progressing towards compact design and the production of fast but powerful machines is preferred over huge machines even if they are faster. For the same reason, many companies have directed all their efforts towards shrinking the size of technology to fit high performance hardware in small compact devices.

Laptops are portable and provide a good alternative to desktop computers. Surely, you would like to keep on working on the go so that none of your time is wasted. The world keeps on moving at such a high pace that we cannot afford to waste even a single moment of our life and thus working while on the move seems like a good plan to all members of the modern society.

Even if the whole business idea is kept aside, it is surely a good attraction for many people to keep all their entertainment and computing equipment with them all the time to fulfill their needs whenever and wherever they are. For this and many other reasons, laptops have become quite popular as compared to desktop machines.

Although, desktop machines provide more upgradability and more room to fit in high quality and performance equipment, laptops have still become very famous among medium gamers and casual users of high performance computers. Desktop computers are although a bit cheaper than laptops and provide more value for money, they can’t certainly be taken with you wherever you go and thus most people have started to buy laptops and netbooks instead. An approximate drop of 20-22% sales has been observed in the year 2008-09 in the desktop PC market.

On the other hand, laptop and netbook sales have increased in the past few years. Seeing the need of people for portable high end computing machines, many companies have started to produce high end laptops with very powerful hardware that can do almost anything a desktop computer can and with the same efficiency. The price issue however, still remains the same as shrinking technology costs a great deal of money and thus these laptops are definitely expensive as compared to desktop computers.

Never the less, people have shown an ever growing trend towards laptops which has increased the sale of laptops up to 37-50% in the past few years since 2006. It is expected that these sales will further increase in the next years with the increasing cheap technology being readily made available to the general public.