iPad 2 Looks To Improve On The Original

By on Mar 3, 2011 in iPad | 3 comments

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apple ipad2Apple is known to like to stay ahead of the competition, and to put out products that keep those in the same field on their toes and always thinking. They’re the type of company that leaves both customers and competitors guessing at what they’re going to unveil next. It is commonly known that when Apple unleash a product for the media to see, that the product is ready for release.

Following the success of the iPad, many competitors brought out their own tablet PC devices to challenge Apple, with varying degrees of success. Many customers are now loyal to Apple, and there is a lot of faith in the products released by Apple. According to analysts, then next generation iPad 2 will keep Apple’s success going, and keep them ahead of their competitors.

This new iPad 2 will be faster than the previous model, and looks set to be the first dual core tablet shipped en masse into stores worldwide. While the changes to the iPad aren’t revolutionary, Apple has upgraded the product to keep iPad range ahead of other competitors. Beyond being faster than the original model, it is also thinner (The iPad goes from 13.4mm in width to 8.8mm.) and lighter (Moving from 1.5 pounds to 1.3 pounds.). To some, this many not mean much, but these changes are more for comfort when using the device.

The hardware upgrades that have taken place include a dual core processor, which will speed up the iPad, as well as the graphics being enhanced nine fold. The new dual core processor and improved graphics will mean that many applications and programs that use the iPad will be able to get bigger and better. This was a talking point of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, who called the next generation iPad a possible showcase for applications and developers to show off their products and skills. Jobs also emphasized the large number of applications that will be available for purchase.

A number of add-on devices and peripherals will also be available for the iPad 2; however that focus hasn’t been on what these will be. The iPad 2 will come with multiple cameras and also new software. It is forecast that the new version will be able to retain around 80% of the market share in the PC tablet area, as the iPad is either matching competitor’s products with this release, or outperforming them completely. The price of the iPad is part of the reason for the popularity, as many companies are having trouble matching the prices and performance of Apple.

The iPad 2 will keep the same pricing structure as the original version, with the entry-level model (16 gigs of storage capacity as well as Wi-Fi internet availability.) priced at $499.00, moving up to the top of the line model, priced at $829 (64 gig storage capacity and also cellular access.).

One of the things that is getting every one abuzz is that the ipad 2 ram is only 512 MB. This has disappointed many.