iPad 2 Apps to Help Manage Your Money

By on Jan 6, 2012 in iPad |

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Apple’s iPad 2 is the most critically and commercially successful tablet computer on the market at the moment. Part of the reason behind this is the wealth of applications available for the iPad 2.

There are many apps designed to help you be more productive with your working day and organize your finances with ease, so here is a brief look at some of the best money management apps for the iPad 2.

HomeBudget is an iPad app that takes full advantage of the tablet’s large 9.7-inch display, giving you the ability to examine all of your household finances in one simple interface.

You can check out your monthly expenses, see how much you spend on bills and calculate your income in order to work out a budget that you can follow.

The app also gives you an overarching view of your recent financial information pulled from the past six months of activity, presented in a pleasing graph.

Making secure payments online can be tough from a tablet but with the PayPal app installed on your iPad 2, you can shop with greater confidence.

The app lets you transfer money to online retailers, check your current PayPal balance and even send cash to friends and family.

The app is free to download from the App Store, although PayPal users will appreciate that the company takes a percentage of each transaction it handles.

PocketMoney has one of the most visually engaging approaches to personal finance management of any iPad 2 application.

It lets you enter information relating to as many different accounts as you like, from credit cards to savings and breaks down your budget into a variety of easy to digest formats.

One useful feature of the app is the ability to set repeating transactions, which can occur daily, weekly, yearly and every permutation in between so that you are always one step ahead.

PowerOne Finance Calculator
For those who really know the financial industry inside out, this is arguably the best calculator of the bunch for your iPad.

It lets you work out calculations and conversions of almost any kind, allowing you to determine the profit margins of your business or find out how much the loan repayments will be if you get a finance deal for your new car.

You can convert your calculations into custom spreadsheets that are then simple to share with other people, which means that its main weakness is perhaps an overabundance of functionality that could make it confusing for first time users.

iCurrency Pad
If you are planning a vacation abroad or heading on a business trip, you will want to have a good currency converter at your disposal to make sure that you are getting the best rates available.

There are plenty of different apps that feature this functionality, but iCurrency Pad is probably the best of the bunch thanks to a combination of an unfussy interface and exchange rates, which are updated in real time for enhanced accuracy.

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