In-House Advertising: Digital Picture Frames

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Digital picture frames are an easy and inexpensive way to advertise in your business. You can purchase a large frame (fifteen inches) that has been outfitted for advertising for around $200, and for many businesses, this means that you can afford to buy several of these frames. Finding the right frame for you will take a little research.

When you are looking for a frame that can be used for advertising, you need to consider the frame’s size and features. You will want a medium to large frame. For example, you will generally want a frame that is twelve to thirty-two inches in size. You can use a smaller frame if you need a smaller frame for a countertop display, and you can use a larger frame for a wall display. Additionally, some of the larger frames will need to be custom ordered.

There are some features that you might want to have for your advertising frame. For example, you will probably want a frame that plays music and videos. Even if you do not always use these features, the flexibility is nice. Frames with motion sensing technology are useful as well because they will come on when someone walks near them and later they will shut off. This means that you do not have to worry about turning the frame on and off.

Preparing Your Frame for Advertising
Once you have picked out the digital picture frame that works for your budget and your business, you will need to load the frame with images and photos. What you put on your frame will be different according to your business, but in many situations, a mix of photos and images is appropriate. For example, someone in retail might choose to load photos of the store and the merchandise. The owner might also decide to create ads with information about the store and its sales.

Someone who owns a service business, like a doctor, can load the frame with photos of the staff. Additionally, he or she can create images that have information about the office and any promotions that they might have. Dentists, doctors, and the like can also create images with facts and tips that might be interesting or useful to customers who often have to sit in a waiting room.

Any business can use their frame to show videos, and it is a great option in retail. Music might be a better option for a doctor’s waiting room. For businesses with waiting rooms, it is a good idea to place the digital frame on the receptionist’s counter where people check in. You can also place the digital picture frame on the table with the magazines where people can easily see it. In retail, the business owner should consider mounting the frame on the wall. For example, mounting a frame in each dressing room is a great way to advertise. Whether you are in the service industry or the retail industry, you can use a digital picture frame as an in-house advertising tool.

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