How Twitter Benefits Small Businesses

By on Dec 9, 2010 in Twitter Tips |

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Twitter is a social networking site used by thousands of people to reach out to others and share personal and professional information. It works like a micro-blog and short and simple messages reach a vast network of people. It has proved to be more effective than forums and other messaging methods since it helps people share on a more personalized basis.
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Twitter has proved to be effective for people in positions of authority wanting to make their stand clear on issues. Similarly businessmen can use it to promote their business, reach out to a larger customer base, resolve customer issues, remove doubts and share details about their products and services on a more personal basis, which will benefit their business immensely.

The biggest advertisement for businesses is by word of mouth, and Twitter has proved to be a digital extension of this, since spread all the information they find useful to their friends instantly.

Some of the benefits of Twitter for businesses include:

Small businesses would benefit immensely from all these and help them get quicker access to customers.

How Twitter helps can be explained with the following:

Twitter then provides the quickest shortcut to reach out to customers and spread word about the business beyond geographical boundaries. This too, without any expensive marketing plans or adoption of standard marketing strategies and also without much of an expense involved.

If large business brands like Dell can effect sales worth $ 3 million through Twitter, small businesses can also enhance sales through this network, provided they make the right moves and use Twitter in the right manner.