How to Get Traffic to Your Blog from Twitter

By on Jul 16, 2011 in Twitter Tips |

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twitter new birdWith over 300 million users at the moment twitter is no doubt the biggest microblogging platform and one of the biggest social networking sites online with over 300 million users at the moment. As bloggers and internet marketers traffic is always a priority and we should always be on the lookout for new ways to get traffic to our blogs – this means we shouldn’t overlook any single traffic source.

Twitter is currently one of the top traffic sources to the major news websites online and there is no reason you shouldn’t start using it to generate traffic to your blog as a blogger. If you want to get the best in terms of traffic and branding from twitter, below are some tips to help you out.

Use Your Brand Name as Your Username
The first step towards ensuring you get the best from your twitter marketing efforts is to use your brand name as your twitter username. The more people come across your brand name, the more likely they will remember it and the more memorable your brand name the better it is.

Using your brand name as your twitter username will also ensure you get a lot of followers you wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. For example, my blog is YoungPrePro.com but I started on twitter using the username @dataentryforall. I focused my efforts on building that profile and in order to prevent another person from choosing my brand name I created the user name @youngprepro but did nothing to promote it. I decided to check my brand name (@youngprepro) on twitter after a month and I noticed it is already having almost 200 followers even though I did nothing to promote it. The reason is because when people come across the brand name “YoungPrepro” they automatically think my twitter username will be @youngprepro.

If you make sure you use your brand name as your profile name you will be able to get more followers on the long run, and this will result in a lot of visitors to your blog eventually.

Have a Professional Profile that Connects with Followers
If you’re very familiar with business then you know that your appearance and first impression on people is very important. In business people judge books by their covers, and they judge businesses by their logos, pictures etc.

By focusing on creating a professional profile that people can relate with you will be able to gain people’s trust easily while also making it easy for them to recommend you.

Tweet Less Links and Interact More Often
If you visit a lot of twitter profiles you will notice that the owners keep on tweeting and tweeting links only without ever thinking about the value it adds to their readers. The end result is that people eventually get tired of reading their tweets and sometimes unfollow them.

Focus on connecting with your followers first and spend your time interacting with them on a consistent basis. Whenever they have a question make sure you reply them as soon as possible and they will be happy to click your links because they already trust your recommendations.

Onibalusi is a 17 year old blogger and the founder of YoungPrePro.com. He teaches people how to make quick cash, and you can also make use of his dofollow blogs to improve your rankings. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for us?