How to Add Clickable Header Image in Thesis

By on Dec 14, 2010 in Thesis |

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As many or all of us know Thesis is the best SEO optimized and most customizable theme framework for wordpress, as it’s most customizable them framework for thesis then it’s very easy to customize thesis either it’s some minor customization or major customization every thing is easy with Thesis.

I got few mails asking how to add clickable header image in thesis, so I made the decision to come up with a post describing how to add clickable header image in Thesis, so this will be much useful for those who are new to Thesis and want to get a nice looking header image in their blog using thesis.

To add header image in Thesis wordpress theme you will have to login to your FTP account via any FTP client and upload the header image to custom/images folder in Thesis wordpress theme folder.

how to add logo in thesis header

Below are the steps to add clickable header image in Thesis theme:

.custom #header #logo a { display: block; height: 75px; width: 300px; background: url(images/logo.gif) no-repeat; outline: none; }
.custom #header #logo, .custom #header #tagline { text-indent: -9999px; }
.custom #header #tagline { height: 0; } .custom #header { padding: 0; }
.custom #header {border-bottom:none;}

In the code above replace logo.gif with your own header image name (with extension) and also change height and width with your own header image height and width.If you provide wrong height and width the header image may not appear.

Hope this will be helpful for many of the people and if you want to know more tips and tricks about thesis customization browse thesis customization category of WpZest.