How Specified Are The Skills Tested By Microsoft Certification Exams?

By on Oct 18, 2013 in Business & Marketing |

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Exactly how much does each certification earned from successfully completing Microsoft Certification Exams tell you about the skills of the person who holds that certification? This is an important issue to tackle because these certifications are supposed to tell employers what you can do. How specified and, therefore, how useful are they?

Different Subject Areas
Certifications are divided at their most basic level into different subject areas. These subjects are only the preliminary way of telling one certification from another and don’t say a whole lot about what you can do. Rather, they speak to what area of the IT field you are dealing with. Greater detail comes with the next distinction.

Different Skill Levels
Once you know what aspects of the IT field a certification deals with, the skill level differentiation is the one that counts. There are certifications that are geared toward those with rudimentary skills and more certifications for every level as the skills advance to complete mastery of the most complicated applications of that specialty. These certifications are highly specified so that every certification provides a clear idea of what the person who holds it can do.

The Right Certifications Point Directly To The Right Career
In the end, every certification or collection of certifications tends to point directly to a specific career path. The fact that these certifications are highly specified makes it easy for IT professionals to know which certifications to get and for employers to know what certifications they need to look for during the hiring process. In short, these certifications help everyone.