How Search Engines Work

By on Mar 3, 2011 in Search Engines | 2 comments

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search enginesYou may very well know the importance of a good search engine. Every time we need some information or some particular stuff from the internet, the first web address we type into our browser belongs to a web search engine. Today, I thought to let you in on the secret behind these masterpieces that have made the internet what it is today.

It must be unveiled here that each search engine employs a little different set of tools for web searches. But in essence, the main principle behind all of them remains the same. The algorithms behind these search engines keep evolving and the companies keep on improving them for better and fast searches.

Being closely guarded secrets, I will give you a sneak peek of these algorithms and an overview that how they are employed to provide better results for you.

Crawler Based Searching
The crawler based search engines such as Google use automated bots sometimes called “spiders” to index and list web pages. The search engine sends these spiders to crawl over web pages to feed and analyze the data present on the webpage. The crawler then analyzes the content and links of the web page for related keywords and builds a listing and database based on its crawling of millions of web pages. Whenever a query is done through this type of search engine, the search engine looks for it in this indexed database, not the web.

Because we have an idea of how search engines work to generate search engine results pages, we can employ SEO to shape the look of those results pages. Companies like Reputation.com use SEO to protect the online reputations of doctors, businessmen, politicians, and anyone else who wants more control over the way search engines project their images. The most recent Reputation Defender review was very positive on the results of these types of strategies. As a business owner, you there are things you can do on your own to help the search engines recognize your good qualities and ignore your bad publicity.

Human Developed Directories
This type of search directory relies on humans for the development of website lists. Descriptions about a specific website are added to the directory either by the site owner himself or the administrator of the directory who reviews websites and adds them to the directory. Unlike the crawler based engine, where crawlers regularly update the database about any change in the indexed website, the human powered directory has no effect on its listings because of the change in the indexed website.