How iPhone 4 Is Different From Previous Versions?

By on Mar 3, 2011 in iPhone | 1 comment

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iPhone 4The iPhone 4 has been in the market for over a month now and after a lot of hype and publicity, people can finally see the actual product. The new iPhone 4 is different from the previous versions in both physical as well as software specifications. Some of the most prominent differences are:

1) The display size has been changed from 480×320 to 960×640; which makes the density of pixels per inch much greater than before which results in sharper and crisper images. The new retinal display adds excellent image quality to the iPhone 4 and you would be able to read text on the new iPhone like on a fine print book without any jagged edges.

2) The camera has also been improved a lot from the previous versions. The new iPhone 4 has a 5 megapixel camera as compared to the 3 megapixel camera of iPhone 3GS. The improvement in camera features is also a step forward for the Apple iPhone brand of phones. The iPhone 4 also has an LED flash which would surely improve night photographs.

3) The video recording has also been improved from VGA to HD with LED light support in video recording mode. Recording videos in 720p full HD mode at 30 frames per second would truly put life into your videos.

4) The phone is available in 16GB and 32GB versions, which provides plenty of space to store high resolution videos and pictures.

5) The new iPhone 4 is approximately 24% thinner than the previous version and also has a very impressive new feature called the 3-axis gyroscope which provides even more developmental possibilities than previous versions by including pitch, roll and yaw along with three gravitational axis. Thus, the new iPhone 4 has 6-axis motion sensing capabilities which would provide developers with more powerful and innovative hardware to work with and bring cool new applications to the iPhone market.

6) New applications such as iMovie would allow you to edit movies directly on your iPhone. You can add audios, transition effects and much more with ease and without having to transfer the movie to your computer.

In short, the new iPhone 4 has many cool new features which you would definitely find very attractive and useful. Apple iPhone has always been about excellence in quality and performance and the brand new addition to the iPhone series of phones is definitely a dream come true.