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By on Nov 10, 2010 in Twitter Tools |

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How to Update Status on Multiple Social Networks Simultaneously?

Hellotxt is a web application for all the people juggling between several social networks. Being on all the popular social network accounts is slowly becoming a social necessity but often, one is left exhausted managing them. This service allows you to update your status message across multiple services at the same time, wonderfully aggregating all the micro blogging services in just one shot. The service puts an end to the monotonous and time consuming task of updating multiple accounts with the same piece of information.

You just have to post your status once and bingo, it magically starts appearing on all web services. Not only this, you can even read the updates of your friends on one screen.

What all social sites are integrated with this application?

Hellotxt supports a wide range of micro blogging, micro communication platforms and web services like Twitter, Facebook, Jaiku, Yappd, Meemi, Beemood, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Bebo, Friendfeed etc. You just have to “sign-up” and get started! Registration is not mandatory but it saves you from entering the credentials for each of the service each time.
What are the other distinct features of this tool?

Did you know?

Hellotxt supports over 40 social networks and microblogging services! This in itself speaks volumes about the utility of this simple time and energy saving. Let your productivity scale up and connectivity tighten with this cool tool.