Google Gives the Public an Inside Look Into Its Secret Data Centers

By on Oct 18, 2012 in Internet |

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Perhaps the most interesting thing about Google continues to be exactly how many absolutely interesting thing the company is actually working on, even if we don’t all know about it. Everybody’s familiar with how Google’s innovative design and forward-thinking idea of what search can and should be revolutionized what it actually is. Few know the nuts and bolts of how something like this was done, however, and it’s within secrets like this that the true genius of Google’s founders lie. Google isn’t simply famous because it made searching the Internet a whole lot easier. It’s famous because it made searching the Internet a whole lot easier by way of incessantly refining, tweaking, and adjusting their algorithm and the other building blocks of the Google search and general online experience. For this reason, and many others, Google has been able to stay ahead of the curve, and keep at the vanguard of online design, engineering, and development. Now, of course Google is one of the most ubiquitous presences in the world. Their influence and importance has bled out of the computer and into the real world, as Google how has their stake in smartphones, maps, and more. Curious, though, is exactly how Google goes about having the capacity to serve as many people as it does. Obviously there have to be massive amounts of server space to provide all these millions of people with their Gmail, cloud storage access, search information, and more — and recently, Google let us take a look at them.

Impressively enough, Google’s massive infrastructure over pretty much the entire world, with what are known as massive data centers in just about any location you can think of. Cities with more arbitrary-sounding names than you might have ever thought, in places like the midwest and foreign countries are home to many of Google’s labyrinthian data centers that help basically process what the world is doing on the Internet.

Why would Google never let anyone take a peek before? Well, considering the business it’s in, Google’s big old proprietary network and all of its massive server and storage space are pretty much its largest competitive asset. It’s important that users know the story, and understand Google’s beginnings, however, and it’s likely for this reason that the search and tech giant has opened its doors at last, like some kind of modern, technological Willy Wonka.

When Google first began it was using rented server space (next to eBay, interestingly enough) that barely met its needs in terms of storage and information transfer. Several years and countless millions of dollars later, Google is a tech giant helping bring things like rural broadband to the corners of the globe. By giving the public a glimpse into its innermost workings, Google has allowed us to take a peek at how we conduct our lives on the Internet, and has helped us understand exactly what goes into powering one of the most-used tools in the entire world.