Gartner’s Information Technology Predictions for 2013

By on Nov 2, 2012 in Computers |

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Looking to the future of the information technology industry is always exciting. Our technological developments have been coming in leaps and bounds over the last couple of decades, and where once we were excited to have pagers and portable CD players, we now enjoy tiny computers that just so happen to make phone calls, and have the ability to give us access to terabytes’ worth of music that can simply be streamed over the Internet. The developments that have been made in the way we communicate, consume and share media, and conduct our businesses have been pretty sufficiently staggering, and looking to the future indicates that things are going to continue to get interesting in terms of how we’re able to interact with and consume our information. At this point, it’s actually safe enough to say that computers and information technology won’t be getting too much faster. We’ve hit something of a threshold in terms of the technical capabilities of our machines, and we’ve been able to craft devices that operate at speeds as fast as we’ll likely be able to build them. Rather, the future of the information technology is aimed squarely at developments in mobility and remote access. Things will get smaller and more universally accessible, in a continued effort at making the world as streamline as it can be.

The Cloud has been on everyone’s lips for quite some time now, and it’s certainly going to continue to be an important part of the information technology industry in the years to come. Cloud computing is continuing to be a hugely important part of the personal computing experience, and will even continue to be an important part of business computing as the capabilities of the Cloud continue to develop and improve. With the safety and security that remote access via Cloud computing can offer individuals and businesses, it’s no surprise that cloud computing will be an important part of the information technology industry in 2013.

Mobile devices will also be one of the most important parts of IT development next year, as Gartner anticipates that the focus on mobile technology will continue to follow Google, Apple, and Amazon as they each battle for supremacy in the mobile computing and tablet worlds. The combination of mobile computing the capabilities of the cloud are going to make for an interesting future indeed, and whether you work IT support London or Shanghai, you’ll be looking at an interesting couple of years in terms of technological developments. Gartner, one of the technology industry’s leading researchers, expects that cloud computing and mobile devices will continue to be an important part of information technology into 2013 and beyond, and it will be fascinating to see what developments lie ahead. We’re lucky to live in a time of such rapid development; and as each new step is taken by the technology industry, we get more and more new ways to live our lives more efficiently.