Free Anti Virus Software Options

By on Mar 3, 2011 in Antivirus | 1 comment

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antivirusAnti-Viruses are everywhere. Security suites, firewalls, spyware removers, pop-up blockers, and the just plain anti-virus program.

Essentially, all Windows users need a good anti-virus program at the least. And there’s so many available, from free trials to free versions to paid for versions.

No one wants their computer to have a virus. The lost files, the cost of having a computer technician look at your system, and all the other hassles involved. After all, you’ve had your computer set up for some time, so it’s how you want it and how you like. A virus can wipe your hard drive, leaving you with too many hassles.

There’s a few versions of anti virus software that comes with a high price tag, such as Norton’s, Kaspersky and McAfee, to name a couple.

For those of us who don’t wish to spend the extra money, there are free alternatives.

AVG Anti-Virus
AVG is highly recommended from many different websites and magazines, and it is widely popular with many Windows users.

It has a free version, as well as other versions with more features you can opt to pay for.

The free edition contains anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities. It’s user interface is easy to use, it updates automatically and doesn’t use up too much of your system resources, so you can continue using your computer without any lagging.

Avast! Anti-Virus
Avast! has a name you won’t forget too easily.

While not as popular as AVG, it is still highly recommended by various professionals.

Again, it is just a anti-virus and anti-spyware program, however it does it’s job well.

While the interface is not as easy to use a AVG’s, it’s still simple to use nonetheless.

Avira Anti-Viruses
Avira anti-virus is another free program. Just like AVG and Avast!, it is easy to use and protects your computer against dangerous viruses, worms, Trojans and costly dialers.

Just Lastly…

If you are going to opt for the free anti-virus, you many need to also download a firewall. Windows does come with a firewall, however for added control over your internet traffic, it is best to get a separate program.

Again, there are a few free firewalls available for download, such as Comodo’s Firewall, Zonealarm, Ashampoo and Agnitum.

The free alternatives are readily available, and they do work quite well. They may not have all the extra fluff of high priced software, but your computer will be safe and secure.