Five Tips For Great Networking Including Promotional USB Memory Sticks

By on Apr 7, 2012 in Gadgets |

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Establishing relationships with your customers, potential customers and other businesses is called networking. Networking is an essential part of modern business, as individual companies and people become more dependent upon the services of others. Networking is important for all different types of groups conducting business today, including those looking to make profit, as well as voluntary and governmental organisations. There are hundreds upon thousands of ways to effectively network with people your business holds dear, including holding memorable meetings and even giving tokens of appreciation such as promotional USB memory sticks.

Because of the sheer amount of ways that different businesses can interact, it’s important that when networking your company chooses the solution that it finds works best. Effective methods of networking or marketing vary from company to company, but here are a few ideal ways that can either help you get starting to network or refine your existing networking skills:

  1. A Good Secret To Great Networking Is Proper Research And Homework
    If you’re looking to establish a working relationship with a business that could really help boost your revenue and income, take a little time to investigate the background and purpose of that company. By doing so you’re less likely to ask questions that could waste a business’ time, and your company looks savvy and knowledgeable in its field: potentially winning a deal. Simple research can involve looking at big achievements that the organisation you’re interested has made, or even more specific information such as who is in charge of which department. These kinds of things can be easily slipped into conversation, impressing those you’re looking to impress.

  2. The Best Networking Takes Place Subtly
    Don’t be aggressive when forming a relationship with another organisation or company. Being aggressive could be demanding information, or trying to push your company onto a representative of another business. This will make your company look desperate or hostile, which are attributes that lead people away from doing business with you again. The trick is to seem polite and amicable, but keep the other company wanting more information. An ideal way to provide that company with more information is to give them a business card and/or website address.

  3. Remember Where The Line Is And Don’t Cross It!
    Networking is to be sparse with the word ‘networking’. By reminding a company again and again that you’re looking to ‘network’ with them, your business seems self-seeking and as though it only has its interests at heart. Even if this is the case, don’t make it obvious and try and act interested in all aspects of the other company; rather than just the ones that suit you.

  4. Networking Is A 2 Way Street
    Networking is also a two way street, and the best networkers listen as well as talk. By listening to a company or business that you’re looking to network with, you seem receptive as well as forward-thinking and business-like. The other company’s time is precious, as is yours, so it’s important that they don’t think that they’re getting the raw end of the deal by soaking up all of the information you have to offer them.

  5. Leaving A Long Lasting First Impression Keeps Your Networking Successful
    Our final tips is that leaving a professional, well presented andlong lasting first impression is very important when you want a prospect to remember along with one that will help your company to network and succeed. Again, a list of ways to provide a long lasting first impression would stretch to the moon and back, but simple things such giving a custom USB memory drive would last a long time and be professional. To engage as professional and well presented as possible can leave other companies thinking of your business as a leader rather than a follower, and somebody they’d want to work with.

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