Five Things To Look For In A Web Hosting Service

By on Apr 6, 2012 in Hosting |

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Off all the things that make up a good web hosting service the following top five factors should always be present and in good standing when make a choice to start a new service or migrate to. If you are migrating then you already have some war stories of your won with a hosting service that was not probably the best in the business. Otherwise, why migrate. Yes? Now then, on to the famous five factors to find in hosting service.


The first thing to find out about a service and know that they are a good service is to understand they exit policy. If a hosting service has very convoluted exit policies where payments are held forĀ  months and contracts are deemed violated well then don’t sign the electronic line. A top company will make departure easy if you need to go. They rather keep you by giving you good service than by keeping you, kicking and screaming.



A site that offers upgrades or add-ons without a lot of fuss is generally a sign that means they have the ability to support your growth in perpetuity. If a service limits your growth at the crucial stage of your development then they are not the ones that will face the backlash, it is you. So when evaluating a hosting service, you must look at them as a partner who will propel your ascent not retard your abilities. And as such, that is how you judge them.



For many companies that are only looking to have their websites hosted, they tend to not look at the possibility of integrating their sties with blogs. But that does not mean that the host they sign up should not have the ability to do it. If the host does not have the ability to blog, it is a complicated process to migrate to a service that does when the time comes. And judging from the current trend, every site seems to have a blog to supplement the site.



For sites that are merely static sites that do not change very much too often, it might be fine to forego this need. However, for all others who keep active blogs and emails and sites that continually change and conduct e-commerce, timely backups a re not a nicety, it is a necessity. In fact, live back up is preferable to nightly backups in that case.



It is a hard thing to prove but uptime guarantee is a thing that needs to be part of the deciding factor. A cursory spin around the web looking for forums and blogs that decry or praise a company will easily allow one to determine how accurate the claim for uptime really is. Make sure this is a strong number.


These five issues will point one in the right direction and that will lead to understanding the choice of hosts better. It is key to look at other factors as these five are not the only ones, but the important ones.

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