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In this age, just about everyone is active on the internet. Consequently, one of the most popular activities most people engage in online is social media and social networking. Social media is a wonderful way to do a number of things. You have the ability to connect and message with old friends. You have the ability to share photographs and memories. You even have the ability to promote yourself, your business, or your interests.

Currently, there are two different services that handle the majority of the social media and social networking traffic on the internet. These two companies are known as Facebook and Twitter. It is important to realize that although both sites offer the ability to social network and post social media, they are at their core, extremely different services.

Facebook is a site that allows you to create a personalized page within the Facebook network. On this page, you can place a picture of yourself, along with lots of various information regarding your interests, contact information, career, education history, and much much more. Facebook offers a number of attractive features, such as a built in email/messaging system. This comes complete with your very own inbox and outbox. Additionally, Facebook offers an instant messaging client and buddy list, so you can chat with your friends in real time.

Other features, include the ability to “Like” certain pages and posts that your friends or associates place on the site. You have the ability to create photo albums and share these albums and pictures with your friends. Businesses and organizations are eligible to create a Facebook “Page” which you can use to promote your company or brand. It also allows you to interact with your customers on a more personalized basis.

Twitter, on the other hand, is what is known as a micro-blogging service. In essence, you are able to create a profile, which has far less information that a Facebook profile page, and post regular “micro-blogs” consisting of 160 characters or less. Twitter also allows your friends to follow you and once they do, they can see your posts in real time on their own personal timeline, alongside other people they have decided to follow.

Twitter is a great medium for short status updates and is also excellent for link sharing. The short and condensed nature of Twitter “tweets” allows for a quick serving of lots of information and updates. Twitter also has functionality to upload photos, which are then linked within the specific tweet. You can also use the built in link shortening service, so that you have more of those valuable 160 characters to share your thoughts.

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