Ericsson and Volvo to Offer Cloud Based Apps to Use in Your Car

By on Dec 27, 2012 in Gadgets |

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Everything is getting more and more connected these days, and it doesn’t really take too long to see just how far the implications of this¬†inter-connectivity¬†have spread. Smartphones have become something that every single person carries with them in their pocket or purse, and smart homes allow you to adjust things like climate and lights using a tablet or mobile device as well. Truly, there are few limits to the ways that technology has been able to help us do things in a better and more efficient way. Many things that we do on a regular basis have been helped along by the advancements that we’ve made in technology over the course of the last several years, and the smart car is certainly one of them. Smart cars have been around for some time now, utilizing things like Bluetooth and wireless connectivity to give drivers the experience they want and the assistance they need while navigating the road. This week, Volvo made an announcement that serves to really shake things up and introduce a whole new smart car system that will hopefully give the Swedish car company a serious competitive edge.

As it turns out, another Swedish company is helping Volvo make their big news. Ericsson has been making top-shelf quality cell phones, mobile devices, and data systems for years, and have recently partnered with Volvo to create a smart car system known as the Connected Vehicle Cloud. It’s intended as an upgrade to the Sensus, which is the in-car platform Volvo’s smart cars currently utilize. This new system will use cloud-based applications to give drivers what they want, and Spotify is rumored to be one of the first apps that will partner with Volvo for the upcoming Connected Vehicle Cloud system (it would make sense, as Spotify is a Swedish company as well). Volvo has similarly acknowledged that infotainment-related apps will be the first ones available on the upcoming CVC system, but has indicated that third-party service apps will be on the way soon. This means that the car’s on-board computer systems will be able to recognize when a certain type of maintenance is necessary, then help drivers make an appointment without leaving the road.

The amount of connectivity that goes into the Connected Vehicle Cloud system will vary according to the market — some cars will rely on something like a Bluetooth connection to the driver’s smartphone, while others will feature built-in connectivity. Whichever model is released in your country, the CVC system is guaranteed to make your life as a driver easier in a number of ways. You might not be able to find the Connected Vehicle Cloud system at your local Mercedes dealer, but it’s certainly one of the most advanced things that you could possibly drive on the road. Together, Volvo and Ericsson are aiming to seriously bring the smart car to the very next level, and might very well do so with the CVC system and its innovative series of features.