Entertain Your Tots With Babysitter2Go

By on Aug 26, 2013 in iPhone Apps |

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Any parent that has ever been in public with a fussy baby or a rambunctious toddler knows the social anxiety that comes with taking kids in public. As if the stares from annoyed shoppers and diners weren’t enough, some people will even be so bold as to approach you and demand that you “control” your child, like you can somehow reason with a 2-year-old having a tantrum or an infant that can’t even speak yet, much less follow a directive! Although you hopefully realize that every parent has gone through the same thing, and simply let the stares and commentary roll off your back, the truth is that you might be looking for an easier way to diffuse the situation and enjoy your precious time away from home. And it just so happens that there’s an app for that. The aptly named Babysitter2Go application for your iPhone will set you back just 99 cents, and it’s worth every blessed penny for the peace of mind it delivers.

You might not be the type of parent to plop your kid down in front of a TV, computer, or mobile device just to get a moment of respite, although really, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for wanting a break now and again – kids are a full-time job and then some. In any case, you’ll be glad to hear that Babysitter2Go is more than just flash to entrance your tots; it actually provides educational value for the youngsters in your household. And although it is recommended for kids ages four and up, user reviews recommend it for children much younger. Most agree that toddlers starting at the age of two can benefit from using this program, and one parent even admits that a 10-month-old is enthralled by the contents.

In truth, infants probably won’t get much in the way or education out of Babysitter2Go simply because they aren’t yet geared towards the lessons it offers. However, they’ll likely enjoy the bright colors, fun graphics, music, and the ability to produce movement and sound every time they touch the screen or shake your handset. While you might want to get an Otterbox before you hand your precious device over to a baby, this app can provide your child with hours of entertainment and stop him from accidentally making calls or using your data minutes. And what’s even better is that your baby can grow into the application.

Toddlers will benefit from the six interactive environments offered by Babysitter2Go. They can not only use the drawing mode to color animals and the rattle mode to play musical instruments by shaking your smartphone (two features that babies will love), but they can also start to benefit from interactive scenes with themes like Garden, Jungle, Ocean, and Naptime, which allow them to engage with the environment by tapping and swiping objects to produce a variety of results. And the addition of music and nursery rhymes only enhances the experience. So while you can offer Babysitter2Go to babies when they’re still in the crib, stroller, or baby play yard, you’ll find that as your infants grow and develop into toddlers, they’ll get even more from this fun and educational app.