Dedicated Server Hosting by ServerClub

By on Jul 18, 2012 in TechnoTropis |

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I have a quick quiz for you:

1)   What do you look for in your hosting service?

2)   Are you happy with your web hosting dedicated servers?

3)   Have you evaluated other offerings in the web site hosting servers space?

I could keep asking you more and more questions along the lines of the ones above. But the message is quite clear I assume. As a buyer of hosting, you need to now what your options are, and then go ahead and choose hosting that makes sense to you.

But that should be obvious right? Well, clearly it is not! I am always surprised, nay amused, by the fact that people go ahead and sign up with the first dedicated server hosts provider that they come across. Otherwise how would you explain the fact that so many of the hosting providers seem to be spending tons of money on putting up ads on Google?

Do people really follow a link, read sales copy, and go ahead and trust their valuable websites to an unknown hosting provider? Do they even have any reason to believe that the hosting provider is truly a hosting provider and not merely reselling the hosting of some other third party, unreliable, soon to go bust kind of hosting service?

That is a lot of questions, I know. So how does one get to the answer without having to spend days researching all the options? I think that question has an easy answer. What you need to do is simply take advice from someone you trust. From someone who has performed the basic research and is willing to share it with you. That is where the two links I gave you in this post will help you the most. They will take you to ServerClub, which is one of my most highly recommended dedicated server hosting providers. At the very least take a look.