Computer Protection through Internet Security Firewalls

By on Nov 9, 2011 in Antivirus, Computers, Internet |

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Computers that do not have firewalls are vulnerable to hackers’ attacks, viruses and spyware. This is why it is mandatory to have a firewall installed on your computer to make sure that your internet connectivity is secured. Using a firewall is considered one of the best ways that will lead to a computer protection.

Firewall is defined as security software which is known to operate in such a manner that it can stop unauthorized access, while at the same time allowing other genuine people or software to connect securely to the internet.

In case an outside attempt is detected, the software will block and encrypt the attempt that is on its course of happening. This seems to be one of the best means to keep yourself protected against spyware, viruses, malware that tries to connect to network or internet.

Regardless if you have installed an antispyware or antivirus system, a firewall is necessary to have on your device. Some of the operating systems, such as Windows Vista and XP come with already installed internet security firewalls, they are actually built-in right from the start. When you operate the system make sure that the firewall is on as it can keep your computer protected from harming elements.

There are on the market many antivirus companies that provide firewalls and as such users can disable the firewalls that come with their operating system and install a new, more efficient one. Installing a firewall is mostly recommended if your computer operates on a network. Installing a firewall in each and every computer means that the entire network is protected and will keep malware from attacking every computers on the network.

Firewalls are known to exist in two types – software firewalls and hardware firewalls. The first ones block any communication on your computer that is unauthorized. The second one, hardware firewall is installed between computer and router/modem which will not allow any communication that is illicit to happen to your system. Nowadays there is no such thing as a computer that is connected to internet and not requiring a firewall protection.

Several renowned antivirus brands such as Symantec, AVG, McAfee are selling firewalls online. But before reaching to these ones, you should check first if your device is equipped with such a security. In case it doesn’t have one, then you should install one as soon as you can if you want to keep your system free from the different malwares that are present on the internet.

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