Comindware Tracker® review

By on Dec 5, 2014 in Software |

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comindware_tracker_big_3Comindware Tracker is an innovative Adaptive Business Process and Workflow Management Solution by Comindware – business management software vendor. It allows you to get real-time control of your business processes, including unpredictable ones, and teams – much easier and faster than with traditional BPM software.

Comindware Tracker is the best solution for Business Process Reengineering and dramatic improvement of the company’s performance as it delivers easy set up and configuration of business processes and has short learning and implementation cycles as well as no need of dedicated professionals involved. It has never been so easy to set up and manage your departmental-specific routine processes, like IT requests, approvals, invoices, bugs, and others, with already pre-built business applications. Do you have specific business requirements? Design your custom business applications with drag-and-drop simplicity with Comindware Tracker. Moreover, the solution shows unparalleled capability to implement changes “on the fly” and achieve business process according to your evolving objectives and business needs.

Adoption rate of the Comindware Tracker workflow software is traditionally high thanks to the MS Outlook-like interface and the capability to work with your workflow processes directly in MS Outlook. Collaborative business processes with queue based escalations ensure quick dispatch through the multiple delivery channels of Web, Outlook and native iOS and Android apps.

Capabilities highlighted above surely set Comindware Tracker apart from competitors and make it a solution of choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Comindware Workflow Builder

Comindware Workflow Builder