7 Solid Benefits of Adobe Formscentral

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When it comes to conducting and marketing your business on the internet, using online forms can be very effective in a variety of ways. Whether it’s a professional website contact form, a survey to be completed online, a registration form, an opt-in form for your email list, or questionnaires for customers, online forms help you gather important information and stay connected and engaged with current and potential clients. No matter which type of form you need, Adobe Formscentral is the all-in-one solution for creating professional HTML forms quickly and economically. Here’s a brief look at 7 solid benefits that make Formscentral, the best fit for your form building needs. Cloud-based form creation: A member of the Acrobat.com family of services, Formscentral is a cloud-based service, so there is no need to download form creation software that will take up space on your hard drive. This gives you the freedom to create, distribute, collect and analyze professional quality forms and surveys from any computer at any time. You can even collaborate online with others during the design phase, allowing specific individuals to view and edit your work in progress if so desired. In addition, your forms can be accessed by any user on any platform, from desktops to laptops to tablets to mobile phones — a feature that is very customer-friendly. Time-saving tools: While other form building services can make creating forms from scratch time-consuming and laborious, Formscentral’s rich drag and drop editor greatly simplifies the process. In addition, pre-made customizable templates are also available to make form creation even faster. And when it comes to adding text, such as the creation of single or multiple choice options, along with paragraphs and date and drop down options, Formscentral’s text editor handles the job easily. As an added feature, Formscentral allows you to preview your form online from the responder’s point of view to make sure it’s as professional and user-friendly as possible. Build forms that build your brand: Even the cleanest, most user-friendly form can come off as looking average and “cookie-cutter” if it fails to appear consistent with your brand. Formscentral lets you add your corporate logo and color schemes to all your forms, giving them the professional polish that builds, promotes and reinforces your brand. You can even customize the text on the “thank you” page to give it a more branded look. And once they’ve completed the form, you can redirect respondents back to your website, thus insuring more exposure for your site which helps create brand awareness. Create forms that leverage Social Media: Formscentral gives you the capability to create forms and embed them directly on your website and share them through links via traditional email. However, an even bigger benefit is that you can also share forms with anyone through links on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter — both of which are being viewed more than ever by users with mobile devices. And being that forms created with FormsCentral can be filled out by responders on any mobile device with a browser and internet connection, you can leverage social media to attract a greater number of responders. To insure an even higher response rate, Formscentral uses advanced features which allow respondents to skip the questions that don’t apply to them and answer only those that do. Data portability and analysis: Formscentral’s cloud-based platform allows you to access and analyze data collected by your forms from anywhere and at any time. For added convenience, you can view and analyze responses — up to 7,500 per form — and results through automatically generated summary reports, utilizing charts and graphs of your choosing. Reports can be shared online or exported to PDF format. Finally, for further portability and ease of analysis, the data collected by your form can be sorted, tabled, formatted and exported to such familiar formats as XLS, CSV and PDF. Security: Being that Formscentral is a service at Acrobat.com, all form and survey submissions are protected at every level through SSL (HTTPS) encryption technology. Ad-free forms: When creating effective online forms it’s critical to keep the prospective responder in mind. And nothing shows responders the lack of consideration and respect they deserve than a web form peppered with pesky ads. Typical of the free form building services that abound on the internet, ad embedded forms can be very costly to your brand and your business. In keeping with Formscentral’s main objective to help users “create polished web forms and surveys that stand out”, you can be sure that off-putting ads will always be left out. Mauricio Sanchez is a freelance writer for Acrobat.com. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for...

Software Piracy is Growing

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The battle against pirated software on home and business computers is heading in the wrong direction for software developers, as it has been reported that the use of pirated software as risen in the past year. Many companies and governments worldwide are attempting to stem the flow and distribution of illegal software, but their efforts are turning out to be futile. Figures from 2007 show that the level of pirated and illegal software on PCs was at 38%, while figures from 2008 show this rose to 41% in that year. While some countries showed a decrease in illegal software use, and other remained at the same level, what’s alarming to software companies is the amount of money they are forecast to be losing due to this increase. It is believed that there is a loss of $58 billion dollars coming out of the profits of software developers and companies. The U.S. is the largest consumer of computer software, and is also one of the countries with the lowest level of illegal software users, with their percentage coming in at 20%. There is concern that the U.S. may see consumers following this trend, and starting to utilize pirated software, either bought or downloaded from the internet or in market stores. One of the biggest contributors to illegal software stocks was China, who fell from 90% pirated software installations to 80%. Russia also has a higher rate, with their percentage being 68%. Software piracy is a tough situation for companies and governments, as different plans and strategies put in place end up having hackers and computer programmers finding new and different ways around the security measures put in place. A lot of software now, such as games, business programs, creative applications, and other types of software come with serial keys, online activations, and other measures in place to stop illegal usage, but so far this has proved a fruitless exercise, as hackers create different cracks, patches and key generators to get around these obstacles. Governments are attempting to put labels on software, and are also using advertising campaigns to inform the public of the risks that are being taken by installing illegal software on their computer systems. They are combing this with television and billboard ads to educate people on the laws surrounding pirated and illegal software. This software is often bought from markets or independent sellers, or download from the internet via peer to peer servers, torrents or file sharing networks. These can also be a haven for hackers, who use people willing downloading their software to install viruses, Trojans and other malicious programs on to their...

What Is Open Source Software?

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Many of us pay top dollar for computer software. Or we just don’t buy software at all due to the cost. Software is very expensive, and there’s so many different types of software you need or want for your computer, from office applications (Word, Powerpoint, Spreadsheet, Databases etc.), photo editing and manipulation programs, anti-virus and internet security suites, even to the operating system used on your computer. For those lacking in funds, the home (Or business.) computer can end up a mine field of trial programs, freeware programs, and many other programs that stop working after a while, asking for your credit card details to continue using the product. If this is you, or you just want to save a few dollar (Sometimes hundreds of dollars.), there’s open source software. What Is ‘Open Source’ Software? Open source software is a software that is available in source code form, so different users can change, improve and manipulate the software program to work differently from it’s initial form. It’s developed and maintained in a public manner, and the product is usually available for a free download, or for a low cost for postage on a disc. To use the software, you don’t need to know anything about programming, or what a source code is. Using the Windows Installer, you just install the software and it’s ready to use, as you would any other software. What Kind of Software Is Available? Open source software comes in just about every software you can think of. For office applications, there’s Open Office, for photo editing there’s The Gimp, and many versions of Linux for an alternative operating system. That’s just for starters, the list for open source software is hugh. Open Office Open office is an amazing free office program. It’s got all the features of the Microsoft equivalent, without the price tag. It can save in all the usual formats, and the files can be transferred to other office programs with ease. It may not have the amount of extras that Microsoft Office does in it’s high end packages, for the home user and small business looking to save money, then this is a great piece of software. The Gimp Photo editing and manipulation software is interesting. The photo editing software that comes with your camera or multifunction device does a little bit, but not that much. And then there’s the other end of the spectrum, with a program like Adobe’s Photoshop, which is rather expensive and a little bit of an overkill for the average user. The Gimp is available for a free download, and it does so much more than many other photo editing programs. From it’s initial download, it is packed full of easy to use features, free tutorials and online forums for new and old users. It also has a large number of plugins and add-ons available, so there’s always something different to do, something creative to do with your photos. Linux Most people have heard of Linux, even if they’re unsure what it is exactly. With people essentially being born in a Microsoft Windows world, it’s understandable that it’s a little weird to be on a computer running a different operating system. Linux is entirely free, and all the software is available to download through a couple of clicks right on your desktop. With the cost of the newest version of Windows, it may be an idea to go for an alternative, save yourself a few (Hundred.) dollars. Within a week you’ll be using any of the Linux operating systems just as you would use your old Windows...