For Small Business Owners, SEO Is God!

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As a small business owner, you know how difficult it is to attract qualified traffic to your website. You may end up spending lots of money on Google and Facebook ads. But there is an easier and more efficient way: SEO. Here is an infographic that explains it better: Graphic Source

Sinking Your Teeth Into SEO

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There are jut so many different approaches to SEO. But in my mind there is nothing quite like content marketing. After all, content is the what people truly consume on the Internet. Here is an infographic that explains this better: Image Source

Save Time, Money & Effort with SEO Software

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Using search engine optimisation software can make your business more visible than ever before. Healthy competitionCompetition to get your business recognised and easy to find online is growing all the time.  In such a cluttered market, having your business as easy to find in a search engine can be the difference between success and failure for your business.  With such a lot at stake within such an important aspect of your business, it is vital that your business maximises the ability to generate leads through search engine optimisation.  SEO software is a great tool which can help you take advantage and have an edge over the competition. Why use SEO software?The main reason and outcome you’re looking for with SEO software is to direct a greater volume of traffic to your site and increase awareness and visibility of your business.  Using SEO software can help you to develop a clear and effective marketing plan for your business with the long term goal in mind of increasing traffic to your site.  Modern businesses looking to generate income online must have an effective marketing plan in order to survive and thrive; SEO software is the perfect tool for enabling businesses to do that. SEO software can save you a great deal of time, money and effort as you can automate tasks which you would generally do yourself, or pay someone else to do, such as backlinking.  Using backlinking is something of a non-starter today, as almost every business with a strong search engine presence has used some form of SEO software needed to achieve the level of backlinking required to attain a high ranking in search engines.  SEO software allows you to multitask throughout your business without having to undertake stressful, time consuming tasks yourself. SEO software can automate all of your tasks, meaning there is no risk of you or an employee becoming demotivated through carrying out repetitive, mundane tasks which can become unenjoyable.  Finally, SEO software can monitor your progress through tasks, this will save you a great deal of time in tracking all of your links and websites to see how they’re performing, as the software will do it all for you.  You will also remove human error and therefore the amount of checking and auditing you will need to do through using an automated system. What are you waiting for?SEO software can transform your business and make your life a lot easier.  Save time, money and effort using SEO software to help build awareness of your business immediately.  SEO software will deliver more hits to your site, achieve better search engine rankings and ultimately increase your opportunities to make money. Local SEO is a highly effective form of local online marketing. Bright Local provide SEO software that helps you to quickly & easily monitor your local search engine performance. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for...

Take Advantage of Copywriting Services for SEO

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Search engine optimisation is one of the best ways I have fond to help improve the ranking of my website. I have a constant SEO campaign running in the background of my business and since introducing it I have seen significant improvements in the amount of clients attracted to my services. If you are a business looking needing more clients I seriously recommend that you look into how your site is optimised and ways of improving the overall performance of your website and online presence. I offer virtual services to companies all over the world. The Internet therefore is invaluable to me and I need to work with it in order to keep drumming up new business as well as increase awareness of my ‘brand’. There is no shop or office for people to spot and walk into so my website has to serve me well in order for me to stand a chance of being seen let alone used by people on the Internet. Using copywriting services as part of my SEO strategy is therefore invaluable. I first approached the writers when I was struggling to come up with the content for my about us page. I paid for the web copy to be produced and I was so happy with the service I was provided with that I asked the copywriters to produce blog posts for me too. Use the Experts to Your AdvantageNot only is the blog now updated on a weekly basis with 100% original and relevant content, I also use the services offered by the copywriters in a number of different ways. Having backlinks across the Internet is a great way of strengthening the chances of my website ranking higher in the search engines based on my chosen keywords. The keywords need to be researched to ensure you are targeting the best traffic which is likely to be searching for your type of business. Links are placed into each blog post by the writers, but that is not the only place where I use them. Each month I request a certain amount of articles to be created based upon the services that I offer. These are then uploaded to various directories and other sites across the web helping to improve my position in the search engines. I use a copywriter for this because it is important to have high standard articles which are informative and not just a piece which has been thrown together. Search engines respect quality content rather than spam, and the cost of the copywriters is surprisingly affordable so there is no need to scrimp on article production. In addition to the web content, blog posts and the articles I have also used copywriting services such as: Press releases When I have some new information to deliver to my customers or potential customers I use press releases. Having a news piece helps to drive in more traffic and search engines seem to respect items considered to be news in their algorithms Newsletters I have followers on my website now as well as clients and I like to send out a neat newsletter bimonthly. The copywriter produces this for me and fills the letter with news and focuses on one of the services I provide. Social Media I am new to social media but I find that adding links to all of the written content being produced to my business is a great way of bringing in new traffic from my social media profiles. If you rely on the Internet I highly recommend using copywriting services for all of your written content. SEO copywriters have the expertise needed and can be outsourced to help reduce costs. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for...

Using Mambo As A Content Management System

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There is a common choice of using Mambo as a content management system among web designing companies and those who have personal websites. This is an award winner CMS and probably one of the most versatile of all. There are several types of features and functions available in this that is useful for simple personal websites and blogs to even some of the most complicated sites of large companies, multinational corporations and government organizations. Here are some of the types of websites where the use of mambo as a content management system is a common one. Portals School websites Government sites Extranets Ecommerce websites Social service and nonprofit organizations Church and community based websites. The fact that this is an opensource option for web designers that is available for free only increases its popularity vis-à-vis the huge options available in features and software tools for advanced operations. It is one of those systems that have a user friendly web based interface. There is the all important feature of caching which helps for sites engaged in busy activities like ecommerce; there is a superior level template technique which is available too. The reasons for the extensive popularity of Mambo as a content management system are mostly due to its features of customization and easy installation. The process of installation is a simple one here that is supportive of Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and MAC OS X among others. There is nothing complex about it which calls for advanced technical expertise; and most importantly the process is a simple and quick one. You are set to go within minutes with its installation. This CMS is scripted in the PHP programming language which offers maximum flexibility when it comes to web based applications. Here you have the choice of incorporating various types of features and functions within the website. It can help to make your website one of the most powerful and well constructed ones. For example there is the option of multiple language availability which makes your site a cosmopolitan one. You can easily avail language tools which can be downloaded and incorporate them within the website. It makes it easy for multilingual users of the world. Mambo as a content management system is an opensource availability. Therefore all the advanced features and functions it is equipped with are available for free downloading and installations. You can avail some of the most advanced and latest software packages for your site for free; and that’s not all. You will also receive the latest updates on all these tools on a periodic basis. It is aimed for better performance of the features you have included within your site design. There is no special emphasis on the need for training of your employees for downloads and installation or even maintenance for later. The nature of work that is involved is so simple and easy to follow that it can be done by anyone of your workforce – even those with little or no technical knowledge. When searching for trustworthy hosting for mambo find the hosts listed at HostingCoupons.org and click here for hostgator reviews that provides you with unbiased information inorder to get a good company to host your mambo powered websites. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for...

What is a Back Link?

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A backlink is a link on one website that goes back to another site. So, if you have a backlink for your website, it means that someone has created a link on another website that links back to your website. Many webmasters use backlinks to help build the creditability of their website and gain more traffic. How Backlinks Help Google and other search engines rank a website by how many backlinks it has. While backlinks are not the be-all-end-all of search engine rankings, they are important because they help a search engine determine which sites are relevant to the term that is being searched for. If your backlinks are from websites that have content that is similar to the content on your website, then that is considered a relevant backlink. Types of Backlinks Forced backlinks — this is one way to describe a backlink that is created by the webmaster on another site. Organic backlink — this is a way to describe a backlink that has been created by a third party. How to Get a Backlink There are many methods used by webmasters to get backlinks. Many of these links are created by the webmasters themselves, instead of being created by third parties. Web 2.0 websites — these are websites that writers use to make money and that webmasters use to get a backlink to their website. These websites allow people to register and post content. These websites are popular for backlinks because anyone can sign up, they have little editorial regulation and they often have decent or even high page rankings. Forum and Blog Comments — Some webmasters use forums and blog comments to post a backlink to their website. This has to be done correctly in order to help your site rank higher, but it can also help to get traffic, especially if you are active on forums and have your link in your signature. Article Marketing — This is where a webmaster writes or hires someone to write an article that is posted on sites that give out free content. You put your link it the author box and every time someone posts that article to their website, you will receive another backlink. Guest Blogging — This is a great way to get a backlink, but also the most labor intensive. First, you have to find high authority websites in your area that accept guest bloggers. Then you have to email the webmasters of those sites and convince them that you should be allowed a guest spot on their website. If you are a good writer with a good article pitch, then you likely have a good chance of finding a few good opportunities. Once all that is done, you then have to write a quality unique blog post for each blog that has accepted your proposal. Important Things to Remember You should keep track of your backlinks and check them every so often to make sure they are still working properly. If not, you will want to fix or remove and replace them promptly. Having several of your own sites linking back and forth to one another is unhelpful. Unless the other sites you have get a lot of visitors, then it will not help you with traffic. Plus, search engines can tell that the links are all coming from websites with the same IP address. They do not want you “gaming” their system, and this will look like just that. Organic backlinks are harder to get, but are better for your own website’s search engine ranking. This is especially true if these links are from websites with high authority and relevance. Jen Silva writes and publishes various articles on ChooseWhat.com related to services for printing business cards, how to’s such as How To Register A Domain Name, plus helps out with writing articles for their blog. Visit ChooseWhat.com for a great small business resource! This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for...