The Fight for Domain Names Gets Feisty

By on Mar 3, 2011 in Domain Names | 4 comments

As the world of internet grows, domain names become more and more important and entrepreneurs and website owners become more and more inclined towards domain names that resemble their company’s title, acronym or anything like that. Some website owners would even purchase domain names at very high prices. Generally, a new domain name is registered for only $8-9 a year and there is no extra subscription or registration fee. Million Dollar Domain Names However, if a domain name becomes popular, it can sell for well over $15 million. For example, the domain name Internet.com sold for $18 million which is astonishing considering it’s only a domain name. In reality, it’s not just a domain name, it’s one of the most popular domain names and thus several companies had to fight a lot for this domain name. Revenue Domain Names In general, the biggest of all fights over domain names recorded have been over domain names of high revenue sites. Websites which have a high potential of generating a lot of revenue are obviously the choice for entrepreneurs as they would be able to make quite a lot of profit from these domain names. Easy to Remember Domain Name For example, let’s say I have to set up an online portal and want a lot of internet traffic on that portal so that I can make revenue by displaying advertisements on this website. Surely, I would prefer a domain name that is easy to remember and pass on to people. The easier it is to remember, the better would be the chances of the domain name receiving a great number of hits and thus the higher would be the revenue. General Domain Name Wars Websites with general name are also the subject of ownership wars as many people tend to stumble upon them and thus these websites have huge chances of receiving hits. As the competition in the world increases, the domain name wars also become more and more fierce. The Most Expensive Domain Name of 2008 In 2008, the most expensive domain name sale was of Fund.com at $10 million. When compared to the record high $18 million domain Internet.com, you can easily imagine the domain name wars have become fierce in the past two years and continue to do so day by day. These are only the big examples; there are several unnoted minor examples of domain name wars seen every...