The Mistakes that are commonly Found in Website Designing

By on Oct 26, 2013 in Design |

Designing a website is a process that requires good amount of knowledge as well as expertise as it is the thing that is visible to the users. The niche or the content that you want to present needs to projected to the users or the customers in an appealing manner else your business won’t be able to flourish. Website acts as the interface between customers and your business. It is the website and its overall features and appearance that matters and can influence your business. There are certain flaws that are commonly seem to be done while designing the website. It is required to overcome this and make the website more reachable to the clients. Much Flashy Most of the designers aim to make the website too attractive for the customers. For making the website attractive, the designers may make the website overloaded with images, videos and messages. This kind of attractive methods may make the customers to deviate from the actual niche of the website. It should be considered that the website should contain photos and graphics that are required for your niche and the website. Excess amount of graphics and such elements can make your customers get confused. More Information You may be excited to inform the customers about the benefits of your services or the products but making your website filled with large amount of information can make it vague. No customer will spend too much of time in reading about the benefit. Jot out the things that are required and try to express most of the information through videos, animations, charts, graphs etc as these are more expressive ways of conveying the message. Readability Readability is another thing that most designers forget while developing their website. Try to make the look of your website pleasing and make it readable. Try to choose light background color and dark font colors for your website as this is the better way through information on website can be made readable. Providing the information in a cluttered manner can also make it hard for the customers to read things properly. Slow Pages The first thing that you need to consider while designing the website is the speed with which the page is loaded. Most of the designers forget this and try to add many graphics, advertisements and so many items in to the website due to which it may take a lot of time for your website to get loaded. You cannot expect that the customer may have patience to wait until your website is loaded and so it is better for you to add only those items that are much required. Space of Display When you are designing the website for the first time, you always design the website on your perspective that is you consider the monitor of the gadget that you are using and there are chances for the users to make use of different sized monitor which may not provide the same effects as you see on your monitor and so when you are providing the overall size of the website, make it applicable to every device that accesses your website. It is very much essential to consider the perspective of user while designing the web page and then most of the mistakes that are concerned with the designing part can be rectified. Once the designing is over, it is always good to take the suggestion of a third person so that you get the actual opinion of the user. BIO: Roman Sahakov works for Acuity Training Company and writes articles that cover topics like presentation skills training, sql course, leadership training course and so on! He always manages to write articles that become type of hints for those who are interested in trainings and...