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When it comes to hosting a site, be it a simple blog, a multi-user blog, a website or even a wiki, a decision must be reached on the service that will host the site. The internet is comprised of many services, from ones that have dominated the server landscape to ones that have entered it in the hopes of making it big. There are also those who have no servers or experience but simple rebrand a reseller package then sell it as their own.

The focus here is to delineate three categories of hosting services. The first, is the service where they own the servers, and the servers are on site with technicians and administration personnel all within the same physical space. Then there is the server farm where dedicated servers are rented out to highly knowledgable people who partition these expensive machines and sell them to end users and resellers. Then finally there are resellers, these are the people that rent the divided spaces and market them to the general public. Each has advantages and limitations.

Server Farms
There are few companies that have been in the business for more than just a few years. These companies have mapped the industry and are responsible for the advances made in the industry. Having a service with them is not necessarily cheap. However, the level of comfort one gets from knowing that these folks have been in the business and that they own their servers on-site gives great comfort. They have large clients and huge server farms that are constantly managed and optimized.

Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers are one step closer to the common end user. It is most likely that the dedicated server manager, rents server time and space from the server farm. Sometimes not even in the same country. To make things even more efficient, the value added service of this manager is that he backs up data on two different servers located at different parts of the world.  This level of service is superior to one that just rents space directly form a server farm. Dedicated servers, especially in a cloud environment can host across geographical locations and no one is the wiser for it.

Reseller Hosting
Reseller Hosting a very good way to get up and started very quickly. It is usually run by a few people or a person who have access to either a server farm or dedicated services then purchase bulk storage. From here they partition the servers and install the necessary softwares. They use sophisticated software to control every aspect of the server that has been accorded to them by the server administrators such as cPanel and WHM. These allow resellers to package it under their own label and sell them at cheaper prices.

These sources of servers descend in price with the first, server farms being the most expensive, but still cheaper than purchasing and setting up our own server.

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