Blackberry to Enter the Tablet Market

By on Mar 3, 2011 in Blackberry | 2 comments

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blackberryEver since the iPad was announced by Apple, there have been many companies that are itching to launch their own tablet and touch screen products. Apple had shown that if the product is right and there are users for it, the product will create its own market.

There was speculation in the beginning that the Apple would suffer disappointment as they wanted to create a product that would bridge the gap between the laptop and the Smartphone. But, the response for the iPad has shown that people did love the easy to use hands on tablet device. Although it did not replace the laptop, it did give people an alternative product that would fulfill the entertainment side of the laptop.

With all that history behind us, many big computer giants are now getting ready and are serious about getting into the tablet market which has a huge potential. Microsoft the largest software maker did announce that they would be getting ready to launch a tablet PC soon but that hasn’t materialized yet. Now Blackberry has announced that they would be releasing a tablet device pretty soon. RIM, the maker of the Blackberry, has been in the news with some different specs of the rumored tablet specs being leaked into the market. Among the specs, we have a 1 GHZ processor with a 7 inch touch screen and the tablet would have dual cameras. The tablet will also have flash support and this would give it some edge over the Apple iPad which does not feature flash.

This news is particularly interesting because of the competition between the Apple and RIM is very fierce in the phone market. In fact, Blackberry beats iPhone in terms of market share, but when it comes to tablets, Apple has taken the lead with its iPad, and we can only assume that we will see another touch competition between the two in this new product category. Still we have some time to go before RIM announces the full specs of the new device, and information about its operating system would be crucial in determining its power.