Best Ways to Secure WordPress

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It’s a common issue that password hackers wander challenging the techno-minds and website owners who hack upon blogs and websites pilfering the secure information.

The damage caused is inimitable to fit the original stuff, hitting the popularity of the blog over their top rank in the search engines that earns more profit.

WordPress Website – Security

How to secure your WordPress Website from hackers and malwares has always been a big question under critical circumstances! So here go with some of the hacking tips and ways to control and prevent malicious attacks to keep up security factors.

WP Security scans

Blogs can be set with freely available plug-in WP DB Backup, which restores or secures data back to the last settings. WP Security Scan free plug-in aids for blog safety.WordPress Firewall keeps a block over the suspicious entry into your WordPress.

WP Security Lock

The WP security service must fix and confer a solution to keep up the protection against hack software and damage caused to the website via hackers and malwares that destroys the website informations to risk ones business. Some of the WP security services that help in making the journey of business blogging successful are as follows
wp security

Secure Files

Official and personal files in the Blog server can be kept hidden against illegal access by unauthorized users with an index.html file in the server directory that keeps the files hidden and secure from the public interference.

Version upgradation

Keeping updated with new version facilitates technology development that provides more advanced security settings and development in the field of blogging with security enhanced presentation.

Password Safety

Protect password from getting hacked as it affect your blogging at once, frequently changing of password at high strength of security is recommended for safety. Secure your Admin account and directory avoiding ‘Admin’ as username and password. Limit your
login account attempts on failure as Login Lockdown Plug-in records the failed login attempts from particular IP address and blocks them for a while. Remove login error message as it may give a clue on the login details.

In the recent news we have the WordPress team launching the WP Security Update 3.0.5 version that keeps safety over untrusted user account and hardens the security features against hackers at once.

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